DQG Tiny 18650 IV - WARNING

i had one for about 8 months

i liked it a lot

until the switch failed 2 ways at the same time

  1. it broke off inside the light
  2. it also failed electrically at the same time, so i could not even solder it back
  3. it should be at the letter "K" below but it fell off
  4. i emailed ric, company boss, he didnt; seem to care
  5. wle

Have to say, I always want to like DQG and their products, rick even used to post on here at one time. But every single time I’ve bought something from them it’s been hassle. And sadly resulted in several PayPal disputes due to them, as you say ‘not caring’.

An odd business model and one I can’t fathom. As it is, I would have to highly convinced to buy something from them again.

The reflow temp used on that driver must not have been near hot enough. The switch pads should never have broke loose from the solder like that.

The OP has now posted this in every DQG 18650 Tiny 4th thread on the forum, and started his own thread. I guess he really wants to publicly shame them.


as i said, i used to like the product and went out of my way previously, if you look, to recommend it.

now i don’t.

yet, it still has its good points.

people should know it has a flaw.

especially after i went to the trouble to contact the ‘company’.

I’m actually “the customer”, and yes, this annoys me.


Is it easy to get the driver out of the 4th version?

I have one coming and thinking of adding solder to the switch und maybe hot glue to reinforce it.

it isn;t easy. though i did it. the top part is screwed onto the body and glued, so it is hard to get loose.

then the driver is also glued in place with a couple drops of what seems to be epoxy or hot glue.

you press down on the top through a hole, and eventually it comes loose, though you have to press hard enough you are afraid of cracking the board, or parts that may be under where you are pressing.

it definitely is not made to be disassembled.

a hot glue type reinforcement could be added without disassembling, other than taking the top ring, glass and TIR optic out, which is easy, they are not glued in.

remember too, though, that my switch failed too, it would not help that.

i have no idea where to get a replacement, it has no part number on it.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try once it arrives.

Not sure if I agree with posting in multiple thread or not, but can understand why the OP has as
Sadly that is often the only way to get a company to change or do something to rectify a problem,
and it does make other members aware of potential issues they might face if but product xy or z

I like another member on this thread, really wanted to like the DQC 18650, it’s a neat design and great when they work, but I’ve got a few including the DQC 18650’s bigger brother and sadly none are reliable everything from broken switches to the early DHQ 18650 constantly chewing up O rings.

Sadly now all consigned to the parts box/box of bits I haven’t the heart to throw out

DQG= Doesn’t Quite GivaDamn

Sad but true.

The clip broke for no reason at all. One night it was ok and next night I went to pick it up, the clip was already broken. Does anybody know where I can find a spare clip? I bought it from Gearbest if that makes any difference.

Ric said once that DQG is not made by them, but i don’t know who is manufacturing those. Does anyone know? I really like this model and so far i have not had such problem with side switch.

Looks like here is, Size B for DQG 18650 4th: