DQG Tiny Triple XPG2 26650 - "V2"- Turbo run time tests

This is a simple minded yet practical test to give an Idea of cumulative TURBO run time with Three[3] different batteries. This is for the DQG Tiny Triple XPG2 “V2” mini torch I got yesterday from Mt. Electronics.

The light has a 180 second[3 minute] timed step down on turbo. That step down is very accurate and consistent. I actually timed it a half dozen times or so and it was right at or a few seconds off the 3 minute mark.

Here are the Three[3] batteries I tested it with.

1.NCR 18650 3400mAh protected- 69.35mm

2. Xtar 26650 Unprotected 4000mAh Flat top- 67.5mm +/- .05mm length

3.EVVA 26650 Unprotected Button top 5200mAh-69.45mm

The EVVA is the one I bought for this light. The Xtar is for my X10vn.


This simple minded test goes as follows!! I run the light on TURBO until step down. I let the light rest 3 to 5 minutes and then repeat the process.The voltage is tested after about 5 minutes of rest.

After 18 combined minutes: Xtar-3.87v EVVA-3.92v


After 36 combined minutes: XTAR-3.60v EVVA-3.66v

After 40 combined minutes- XTAR-3.54v EVVA-3.63v

NCR18650- 20 combined Min-3.64v, 26 combined Min-3.52v, 29 combined Min- 3.46v

The Xtar is a pretty impressive battery. For being almost a year old and supposedly 1200mAh less capacity than the EVVA,It did very well.

Since the EVVA is the battery I am using I tested it for several more 3 minute increments after the 40 minute mark. It stayed relatively bright for the next 9 minutes and was @ 3.58v at the 49 minute mark!! To only lose .05v after an additional 9[Nine] minutes tells me it is not at full output at this point,but relatively bright.

Unfortunately I do not have the equipment to tell you what the lumen output was at any of incremental voltage tests. Nor can I tell you how many amps the batteries were drawing at any significant time. I am guessing somewhere around 3.6v to 3.7v it starts losing some output.

I will say that all 3 batteries performed pretty good up to and several minutes past its 3.60v resting place!

Not everyone is interested in how long you can run turbo incrementally. It will give you an idea of how the overall run time will be. With it being able to sustain turbo that long, the other modes should fare well.

UPz did test “V1”w/ an 18650 for Turbo and High run times. He got about 120 minutes on High[mostly 450 lumens consistently] and about 30 minutes on turbo which is right where I was with my NCR 18650 3400mAh when the voltage dropped to about 3.5v.

The manufacturer does NOT give any information regarding run times. Hopefully some insight will be gained by my simple minded test and UPz’s review! :wink:

oh,yaa,so far so good,It is a little yet powerful torch with a nice tint[mine is CW] that diffuses the light very well.

That concludes my SIMPLE MINDED TEST!!! :) :bigsmile: ;)

A couple pics! Forgive me for my older camera. the other light for size comparison is a SWM C20Cvn

might want to change the ‘90 second’ to 180 second :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your light.

Thanks!! Your right,an error on my part!! lol!