DQG triple XPG2 belt clip

The DQG triple xpg2 is one of my favourite lights and tends to be the torch I grab whenever I need light. It can easily fit into a pocket but I prefer to carry a torch like this clipped onto the outside of my pocket. Also with the electronic switch there is a chance it will turn on by mistake.

Whilst searching for some xml2 leds on Fasttech the other week I came across this bolt on pocket clip. fasttech so I ordered one thinking if it doesn’t fit it might work on some thing else.

You get the clip a couple of nuts and bolts and an allen key.!!

Turns out with some slight modification to the torch it’s quite a good fit.!!

The supplied bolts were too short but I happened to have some longer ones.!!

I had to elongate the slotted lanyard holes as they were slightly too far apart and open it up a bit because the slots were a bit low and the nuts could not fit. I used a small file to do this.!!

The clip did not sit against the body of the torch so I had to bend it a bit. Over all I am please with the result and think it looks quite good.!!

The good thing about this is that the clip aligns perfectly with the switch making it very easy to find in the dark even with gloves on. The spring clip itself is reasonably strong but I was able to bend it by hand to re shape it. I think that if you handle it very roughly when un-clipping it, it may begin to bend.

Thanks for sharing it look real neat. I've been looking for cheap clips and you have just found them for me.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Also how durable do you think it will be. Is it very flexible or does it tend to bend instead of springing back. Is it hard to bend out to attach to say a belt? Thanks again.

It does spring back and is stronger than the clips you see on some cheap lights that are just soft steel and bend. That said its also not the strongest either I was able to bend I slightly by hand to sit against the torch body. It will clip onto a belt easily without having to use a lot of force. It seems durable if used correctly i.e. pulled off the belt in an upward direction and not wrenched side ways as its removed. Problem is I have been looking for some thing like this for some time and so far its all I have found. There are some reviews on the fasttech web site and for $2.17 usd its worth buying one just to check it out.

Wouldn’t a clip on that side put pressure on the switch causing accidental on?

I put the same clip on my DQG 26650. I haven’t mastered getting my clip to line up with button or in any regular spot whenever I change the battery.

I agree with all that Sonofspectrum has to say about the clip. It’s an okay clip. Feels a bit on the cheap side, but for it’s low price it’s worth a try.

Yes its possible if you lean up against some thing.