Dream Trip, mini copy of Trustfire X6

Quick overview of the Dream Trip:

compact thrower

green-gray anodized, rate 6 of 10

2x 18650

threads, 6 of 10

aluminum reflector, 8 of 10, a couple of minor blemishes, 47mm inside diameter, 46mm depth

5 mode driver, next mode memory

glass lens

2 piece battery tube but if you remove the rear section you can only get about a half turn onto the threads because the tube is not recessed to allow the tailcap to screw completely down, still works with one battery.

long spring on driver side and plunger on tailcap, will take any length battery, protected batteries are snug but fit(diameter) and rub a little installing and removing.

LED centering device is very low profile but works great.

Nice big hotspot, smooth spill.

This light might out throw the SS T08, SS T13, and HD2010. Seems to light up a building about 100 yards away better than the other three.

EDIT: Won’t out throw the above listed but not far behind.

Cost $22-23 on AliExpress, came with a 2 bay charger and a plastic storage case.


Dream Trip Bought mine from another dealer but I won’t link him here, took about 10 weeks to receive mine.

Hmm. I always disliked the x6 with its in your face fins; the mini version looks much better in that regard. I really like the look of that reflector.

Same as the Uniquefire UF-X6S.

Here is my overview/mod thread.

Here is the modded light in a beamshot comparison.

Compared to the typical rivals (HD2010,ZY-T13, ZY-T08,etc) It does not have as wide spill light due to the reflector being slightly deeper and not as wide. The hotspot is wider than some of the others.

Compared to some lights. Picture from this thread. (I have not updated that thread lately)

Missed your thread.

Just more people sharing info about a light. :)

Actually, the 80+ CRI emitter beamshot comparison was here. The above beamshot comparison linked to in my previous post had another emitter..

Thanks for the review southland. I bought 5 of these at 1 stage. Whatever you do, do not use the charger. It will not terminate at 4.2 volts. I tested two and they were identical. I got rid of the batteries after using them in the charger. Mine were only driven at 2 amps at the led. :beer: