I have a flashlight that is xhp70. 2 driver,led,supports 21700 batt and with side switch.but the driver was broken so im planning to buy a sst40 driver and led. Will it work?i wont be needing the side switch.

Will you have a tail switch? You said you don’t need the the side switch. The driver your buying needs to support the switch your planning on using (eswitch or mechanical) and side switch or tail switch. I’d say get driver for sst40 that supports same switch the light has.

the product I’m planning to buy is a convoy sst40 driver and the only info is 4 modes and max current output is 6000mA with temp control. While the led is luminus sst40 5000k. the flashlight has side switch anf tail switch. ill be only needing the tailswitch