Driver compatibility for 2-AAA

Hi all, new to the forum, I finally decided to take the next step in another hobby my wife doesn’t understand. I was thinking of repairing a 2-aaa light that was used by my friend for a year or so. After a couple voltage checks I found it has a burned led. He immediately donated the carcass to me. The driver still works but, if I’m changing things I’d like a driver with a couple modes and I’d like to keep it alkaline if possible. My question is would the mtn-11dd driver paired with a nichia 219b be appropriate hardware for running off 2 AAA alkalines? Suggestions on settings or other hardware appreciated. Thanks in advance

2AAA’s is only 3v, so you’ll need a boost driver. The Mtn-11DD is a direct drive driver, which might actually light the led but not very brightly or for very long. Alkalines will also have a great deal of voltage sag under a heavy load.
One of these is probably your best option. AA / AAA Small Boost Drivers - Various Models & Modes
Should work with 2AAA’s.