Driver for LED decoration lights

My wife bought 2 battery operated LED decoration lights. They work with 3xAA batteries. They are pretty nice looking but with a drawback. No regalation. Light starts to dim pretty soon. They maintain a reasonable brightness for few hours but after that they are moonlights...

Is there a driver available for this kind of light ?

Package indicates that there are 20 LED's in one light with 0.064W consumpiton per led. will sell you a 10 or 20mA constant current driver for up to about 20 LEDs.



Shipping costs 9,95€

You could try

but it seemed to me that nothing there was suitable - I assume it is using 5mm LEDs which usually only need 20mA

Are you using nihm?

I have this one on the way home:

is yours something like this?

Yes, that is nearly the same light that i have. What i can see from the picture there seems to be a driver in your version. Mine has only a resistor in it.

And yes, I'm using NiMH's