Driver for sunwayman t40cs

I got a non working Sunwayman t40cs the other day and after some testing i fond the led was bad but I messed up the driver taking it apart. Is there anyone who makes custom drivers as this one has a built in side switch on the driver board and I cant find one like it pre made any where. Any info or help is greatly appreciated thanks.

A little more info might be helpful. What is or was the diameter? How many cells does it use and type? A pic of the driver might help to. What led is it driving? E-switch drivers are pretty common now.

Found a little info: WHat to do with dead Sunwayman T40cs
I dont know of a driver that has a 24mm dia. and uses a e-switch.
You might be able to piggy back a nanjg driver with the zener mod with Jonnyc Star momentary. That would probably work if you didn’t destroy the pcb looks like from the pic there’s plenty of room. I Have one running in a SRK piggy backing the original board with Jonnyc Star momentary firmware with a e-switch but I didn’t have to use the zener mod.
If you contact RMM on this forum he might have a better solution for you. You can visit his site at Mountain Electronics

I have 24mm driver with side switch for the Convoy L4 but it’s based on the ATtiny1634 and my own firmware, not the regular BLF flavors:

However, others here at BLF also make drivers for the L4. Weather a L4 driver is a perfect or good enough fit for the t40cs can not be guaranteed in either case unless someone has actually tried fitting one.

thanks for all the info so far and sorry for not giving enough info to start with. mike c the driver for the l4 is the best option i have seen so far it looks like it just may work with a little fine tuning. who all makes those drivers and is it possible to get one with say guppydrv3 ? I am still pretty new to all this i will most likely be using a 6v led such as the xph70.2 i just want to make a powerful thrower out of it.

DEL has the DDm-L4 rev01 board here: DEL's OSH-Park driver boards, but it’s a bare board. I don’t know if you can get them fabricated. Here is a thread where another driver for the L4 is mentioned: The Convoy meLd 4 (Modified Convoy L4 with RGBW and MELD driver). I know nothing about these drivers though, no clue which firmware works with what, hopefully someone else can chime in.

mike c thanks so much for the info sir this is a big learning experience for me so far.

If the convoy L4 driver will work, this might interest you.