Driver ring removal tricks

Can anyone tell me their tricks to remove the driver retaining ring in a Convoy C8 (newer style with integrated shelf)? It is aluminum with 2 small dimples in it. Tried deepening the dimples and applying heat to head but it won’t move turning CCW. The ring is getting gouged up trying . Are they sold separately? Maybe penetrating oil?

Most people would suggest a pair of needle nosed pliers, but I use two awls (in one hand). I cross them just above the driver spring. Because I also can apply some force towards the ring, there is less risk of scratches. Using one awl tends to force the ring into the body, thus blocking it.

BTW, maybe a stupid remark. You do realise that in order to loosen the driver retainer ring, you have to twist the awls (pliers) counter clock-wise. To loosen the tailcap retainer ring you have to twist the awls (pliers) clock-wise.

Yeah , I was turning the right direction using my wife’s pointy beading pliers. After putting some penetrating oil on the ring and waiting, it finally moved. But, it turned and turned and didn’t unscrew. I think it was stripped at the factory and then glued to hold it tight. The tail ring came off easily.

Now that I think about it , I suppose the threads could have been stripped by pushing down to keep the pliers from jumping out of the dimples as I was turning the ring. Still doesn’t explain why it was so tight though.

Now I need a new ring but it doesn’t look like anyone sells them . Anyone have a spare?

You could ask Simon (= Mr. Convoy) on Aliexpress; I’m pretty sure he can help you out.

What is the procedure to get a hold of him?

How important for this ring to be tight ? It’s working the way it is . The ring is in but can’t tighten it much .

You can contact him here:
You do need to have an account I believe. He has excellent reputation, and I have purchased my L6 lights from him directly.

I thought generally current runs through the battery tube via the retaining ring to the driver, so if the ring is a bit loose the light might flicker, especially if the ring starts to oxidise a bit. This is just my guess; I certainly would prefer a ring that you can tighten appropriately.

No flickering . Maybe added resistance ?

I doubt about resistance increase, but I could be wrong. Also no flickering when you shake the light?

No , can’t make it flicker . The spring tension is holding it tight.

The spring tension is for the positive. The retaining ring is for the negative. When you tighten the tube, then the tube end is pressed against the retaining ring. The ring should be screwed to the driver ring’s negative resulting in proper contact. But if the latter is prohibited because of the damaged threads of the retaining ring, then this could compromise contact of the negative between the ring and driver. But if the threads are damaged so the ring is sort of loose, then the battery tube will press the ring directly to the driver and you have proper contact again. At least this is how I think it is.
You could also just let it be, and only take action should problems develop.

It doesn’t look like the battery tube contacts the ring . I know the spring is for the positive but the spring is attached to the board and is pushing the board against the seat . Either way , it is working for now . I will keep my eyes open for a replacement ring . In my reading of various threads, I did see one where Simon would add one to an order. Fingers crossed the body threads are ok. Thanks for your help.

One more info: BLF member J-Dub74 works with Simon from Convoy, and he probably knows as good as everything there is to know about Convoy lights. You could PM him if you want more specific info.
Cheers man! :sunglasses:

Hi Pennzy, don’t know if you are planning on removing the switch for any reason (such as a spring bypass). Thought I would let you know that the retaining ring for the switch is reverse thread, on that light.

Good luck.