Driver table ecc, search IC

Hello guys, I wanted to build a driver like this:

This unfortunately does not have a good behavior when using analog dimmer 5Kohm

connecting two LEDs in series (XM-L2) do not have a sufficient firefly!

and turn off the LED

I have to try to do some measuring ...

I'm looking for an integrated efficient, that you can control via PWM or potentiometer ..

Would be used to create illumination from the table, then fed with transformer wall 12vdc ...


try using a logarithmic 5k pot. It better mimics what the human eye thinks is linear.

I am pretty sure the buckpuck can do tiny drive currents just fine, you just have to have very accurate resistors/ potentiometers.

I need a very small pot ....

I can not find easily;

Do you think using pwm output with arduino improves?

would also be the most efficient to find a good IC

to construct a similar BuckPuck.

thanks for now!

This seems like a nice integrated ....

connecting several LEDs in series, should increase the output voltage?

I think so ..