Driver upgrades

Hey guys,

I am want to give modding some of my torches a go, but am getting a little overwhelmed by all the options out there.

I think that I have found some 16mm led's I want to use in xm-l and xr-e, but what drivers do I want to do. Ideally I would like to drive the xr-e pretty hard 1.2-1.5amp and the xm-l pretty softly 1.5amp. I think from what I can measure I want 16mm drivers as well. I want to use in a single cell torch so a 4.2v on it is all I would need.

I have another torch that I would like to try playing around with, but it would need a 14mm pill and 12 mm driver, do they exist?


They do make small drivers and emitter stars... smaller stars aren't too hard to find (check DX, etc), but the smaller drivers are pretty rare.


Al-tho i don't have much to add, I found this page very useful in knowing what led can handle how much amperage on average.

Also looking at the link above are the Q3 and Q5 XR-E emitters? Is there a more complete listing thats better than the one i linked above?

I know i have several drop-ins that are only seeing 65% of the amperage they could take, So the 101- AK in 1400mAh would be a big boost for many of them.

BTW, What is the normal emitter board size and driver pcb size for a standard P60 drop-in?

Thanks for the info, I gotta save that for quick reference when ordering. Luckily im building up a decent reflector collection with 3 spares now and with 3 new MF XM-L T6 drop-ins coming they will be replacing lessor drop-in's so that will further extend my parts stash.

Ive noticed no reflector is ever the same, So just dropping one on its as simple as it sounds.