Driverless modes, how to get unlimited modes without a driver.


If you don’t want to read a bunch of text on how to do it scroll down for videos that shows how it works :wink:

I found a way to get modes on a direct driven flashlights (and even on lights with some drivers) when i was testing out QTC as a driver on my Jexree Mini many months ago.

The QTC was limiting amp way to much & was breaking down too quick so i pretty soon scrapped that idea.

But i started to notice my light behaving like i still had a QTC in it, i was confused and opened the light to check and no i hadn’t left it in there :~

What i had noticed was that as i twisted the twisty the last fractions of a mm before it connects fully it flickered like a very very quick ramping from low to high just like with the QTC but in a shorter distance.

I started to try to control this flickering by very carefully twisting it controlled & measured that tiny little last part before fully on, and slowly i started to get a hang of it.

At first i could only get fully on or a very low moon, but the more i used it over the last months i have learnt to control it so now i can get almost any mode at will :slight_smile:

When i started i got it like 9/10 wrong, as in i wanted low but at first i only got full on so i had to try several times before i found the right level, but the more i used it the easier it got, and now i would say if i don’t try to get as certain level but just do it by feel i almost always get it exactly right about 19/20 on the Jexree Mini version 8 that i have used the most over this time.
I say if i don’t try because it seems to me like if i try to think about it, it is much harder to do right for me now that i am good at it, than if i just ask my hand to provide me with the correct illumination my eyes want by feel, it has become like an extension of my hand and fingers, my hands fingers presses and twists the light so i get the light i want, but if try to do it by focusing too hard on it i often overshoot and i have to fiddle much more with it before i get the right mode/level.


So how to do it, i have recorded some videos to show some of what can be done.

The videos is mostly of the various “press” modes because when i hold the light up high at chest level, so i can try to show how on the video(taken by crappy phone camera) the “twisty” modes and “twisty + press” ways of controlling the driverless modes, dosen’t work as well as when the arm is straight with the light firmly controlled by the thumb and index finger. Or at least i am not as used to do it at that angle.

The video is pretty crappy quality because i used a handheld mobile camera and i used lights on in the room so could see my hand and hopefully pick up on some of the moves that is possible, the actual moves is almost unnoticeable in normal use but i try to exaggerate some of them to make it clearer. The camera of course hate being subjected to this extreme changing light condition so it struggles pretty bad at picking up tints for example but, just know that the tint dosen’t shift noticeable in person.

Please understand that holding a camera and trying to actively show different levels & modes make it much harder to do and when you do it as needed without thinking about it it just works great :slight_smile:

Here is my favorite the Jexree Mini, this is version 8 with a smooth modded copper beryllium spring :wink: that makes the modes much easier to control + more output than the tiny little stiffer stock spring. I will detail the version 8 soon in my Jexree Mini mod thread.

Here is one more of the Jexree Mini mod V8 but with less room light.

This is of the stock Jexree Mini, i haven’t even lubed the threads, just dropped in a Eneloop :slight_smile: So it still has the stock boost driver.

This is of the Super Light that modded to be direct draw with a XP-L V6 3D. I have only used this with driverless modes for a few minutes so i am much worse with this light. Every type of light have there own quirks and moves that needs to be figured out to control them at will successfully.

This is of my Eagle Eye X6 triple without a driver and just a bare contact board.
I have just started using this and because it is a big heavy clicky and my other hand is occupied by the phone i have tu use it as a twisty by the tailcap rather uncomfortably :slight_smile: but i worked to show what is possible anyway. I have used this several times while night running and i could control level quite well while running at speed so it does work, i am just not so used to it yet. and the bonus of not having any driver limiting output is it is of course even more powerful and useful when you need max turbo output from it :bigsmile:

This is of the modded Olight i3S, that i used just a bare contact board and 22awg wires + of course the XP-L V6 3D :wink: I have only used this light for a week, so it is still much hit and miss in regards to smooth driverless modes controlling.
I will probably do a mod thread on it later.

What can be done besides any level and ramping and getting pretty much what ever output level your eyes desire, is an interesting candle light flicker mode that i really like. It looks very much like you are holding a very directional and crazy powerful candle light in its beam, but it is a bit tricky to engage and works up to about half the power of the light, it works by pressing the thumb and index finger in a slight twisting motion almost against each other so the forces of the fingers collide and the muscles in the fingers starts to vibrate faintly. It looks really nice and so organic because there in nothing digital about it YOU are the flicker and the vibration your eyes can see all around you :bigsmile:

Another is of course a momentary action to pretty much any level and from any level very easy.

And a sort of slow back ramping mode that goes up after a certain press and slowly goes back to off not always so easy to get but when you find it it works great.

I like to set up my Jexree Mini so it is like in a trigger mode, just a bit before engage and with the much smoother new spring you can customize the pressure you want on the twist action by the tailcap. I will explain more when i detail the Version 8 mod.

So when it is like in trigger mode i know where i can reach all the levels without twisting and by only a slight press and twists not around but by twisting the head front and back from the tube to engage various level of resistance in the connection.
In trigger mode it is easy to smoothly ramp instantly to any level while holding it, but if you want to get a level without having to hold the light and firmly manipulating the head, you can press harder quick at certain directions and let go to get a set mode that holds without requiring and controlling of the head, so you can use both hands to hold something for example while directing the light between your fingers.

To set up trigger mode i hold it a set way like for example, how it comes out from my pocket with the clip down with the clip resting on the middle & ring finger and twist until i almost engage connection and test out so i can reach all levels without straining and having to press to hard. and then i just set it back in my pocket and every time i get it out all the levels & modes is right there without having to think about it :slight_smile:
Every time you change the battery or set it up with a fixed mode by twist it there, if you want it back at trigger mode all you have to do is to reset it to where you want and it is right there again.
You should also make sure the threads are lubed so the a nice and smooth, i only use raw organic coconut oil as thread lube but any should work, as you saw in the stock Jexree mini video it is possible to do it unlubed but trickier and you have to press harder to do it.

I realize this might not be so easy to follow and pick up but, the thing is i need to program your firmware that is your mind :wink: with was kind of movements and possibilities there is by learning to controlling a twisty like this. Much unlike the programming of an attiny13a to control the driver here YOU are the driver :bigsmile: And the feedback loop from your eyes to your hand is the most dynamic way to control so small movements exactly.

I think anyone can do it, i showed my brother how to do it and he picked it up very quickly :slight_smile: And i hope by me showing what can be done you can also quicker pick up what is possible.

I did this for months before i realized i had no way to describe in words what i actually did because it wasn’t words it was pure movements, and it has taken me months to try to find words that somewhat describes what my hand and mind and eyes are doing to control my lights like this, i hope it helps someone to do the same much quicker that it took me to figure out and describe.

Cool, glad it works so well for you.

Thanks, i really wonder if anyone else is doing it like this, i can’t imagine i was the first to notice this and started to play around with it.

Very nice discovery. I have had this happen to some degree in some twisty lights, but I never thought to try to exploit it.

Gotta try this. Thanks so much for reporting it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This works so amazingly well when you get a hang of it, it will totally change how you look at twisty’s and what they are capable of :wink:
Please let me know your experiences when you start to test it out.

I am sure there are more tricks to learn and discover i feel like i have just started understanding what is possible with this :slight_smile:

I have found the trigger mode on the driverless X6 :slight_smile:

It works great now, i just screw the tailcap so i get different modes by squeezing the light in my hand firmly, it lights up depending on how hard i clasp it. It is much more usable now, just grab it hard and it lights up fully and squeeze less and it ramps down :slight_smile: