Drone catcher

Very disappointing, this is the only proper way to neutralize a drone

Or this.

Sharks with fricken laser beams!


No one posted one of these?

Punt Gun for the win!

do you have the next pic?
the one that shows that guy knocked on his ass from recoil?

Interesting idea, but for those of you who might be serious instead of joking about the idea of shooting down drones consider this.

The FAA is making drone pilots register, this blurs the line between us being RC hobbyists and pilots. If we’re registered with the FAA to fly aerial systems, that would make our hobby drones legitimate UAV’s which have many of the same legal protections as any aircraft. If someone were to shoot my $2k drone down when I was flying legally you can bet I’d be pursuing legal action against them, and there is the possibility of me convincing the government that you shot down a legally registered and piloted aircraft, which is a federal crime. Even if I don’t get you convinced, I’m going to get at least $2k worth of enjoyment watching you pay to defend yourself in court.

Now if a drone is truly doing something illegal. Take it out. :evil: