Drop in and host

L2P (“P” for Pro?) - HAIII anodizing, shrouded tail cap button, choice of forward or reverse clicky tail cap switch. This one looks and feels like a Surefire 6P (except for the shrouded tail cap button) and is sized for one 18650 battery.

L2T (“T” for Tactical?) - type II anodizing, exposed tail cap button, forward clicky only. This one sort of looks and sort of feels like a Surefire C2 and is sized for one 18650 battery.

L2M (“M” for Mini?) - type II anodizing, exposed tail cap button, reverse clicky only. This is an L2, but, sized for one 18340 battery (half the length of an 18650).

L2 (standard) - type II anodizing, exposed tail cap button, reverse clicky only. This one looks and feels like a Surefire 6P and is sized for one 18650 battery.

A note about Solarforce type II anodizing: there are two different type II anodizing that Solarforce has used. The typical glossy type II and the more recent matte type II. The matte type II seems to be much more durable than the earlier glossy type II and I’m actually wondering if it’s not really HAIII, but, they would use that as a feature and would advertise it as so, which they don’t.

It’s a legit solarforce, either that or a clone of a solarforce with millwork and materials that easily surpass surefire.

Came in a gift box with a bunch of extras (GITD tailcap but no GITD lens gasket, went to put one on there and it turned out not to be an oring)

came out to ~70 bucks with shipping.

Good points. What I ended up doing is a search on BLF for reviews on each model - and they are on here, with a bunch of better photos and detail, usually by Foy. Like said, be careful - makes you buy stuff.

What light are you talking about?

Thanks for the info. Although according to the Solarforce site the L2M has a forward clicky and it says 18650 not 18340.


The beauty of the L2M is that you can remove a section of the battery tube so you are left with a 1x123 (16340 or 18350) sized light. Shorty P60 pocket rocket, or a nice full-sized 18650 torch. You have both options. :slight_smile:

I just ordered the l2t since I really like the dull matte color of it. Is that the only light that comes that matte in the SF line. Now I just need the drop in. I’m still not sure which one I want.

Is there anything better than this?

The L2 and the L2p also got a matte finish.

No, the L2P comes in matte but also has the HA3 finish. IMHO, the L2P is the best one and the best deal. It is the only one that is actually better than the Surefires. The L2P has a better finish than the Surefire 6P and costs about 1/3 rd the price.

The L2M is, in fact, an 18340 light. With an extension tube it’ll fit an 18650. The one you linked to is nothing more than a L2M with the extension tube. I can’t say for sure if it has a reverse or forward clicky switch, but, that’s the way they came back in the day (reverse-clicky).