Drop in and host

I got my wf504b (linked below) and now I’m ready for something new and brighter. I’d like a different host with a drop in so I can still use this one at work.

Let’s do host first.
No tactical bezel. I like the flat ones but I could grind one down if I needed too
Tail standing is not important at all. The 504b button was too hard to push since its reassessed into the tail cap and I didn’t really like that. I’m comparing all of this to a surefire 6px pro 9/11 that I have. A harder rubber boot would be nice also. The rubber boot that came on my 504 seemed soft

Drop in.
I’ve only used the xm-lt6 that came in my 504b but I would mind brighter (who wouldn’t). The strobe and SOS I wasn’t to happy with so I wouldn’t mind not having them. If it had quick access to stobe that would be different. So I’m questing just normal modes unless it normall, strobe, and no SOS. The xm-lt6 seemed to be mainly flood so a little more throw would be better if it still has a decent amount of flood.

Last a holster. What do you recomend that can take a lot of abuse? I but it on my rock climbing bag so it get beat up.


I suggest

Solarforce L2

Solarforce 3 Mode (H-M-L)
Ultrafire 3 Mode (H-M-L)

I’ll leave this up to someone else. I don’t use holster’s for flashlights - only for pistols. Uncle Mike’s makes really nice holsters for those.


I’ll second the SolarForce recommendation. I have several L2T and L2P lights w/ a mix of drop-ins. SF is well made and very rugged for the $$$. I’ll also suggest the Lumens Factory SP-6 Seraph light. Again I own several and they are even more rugged and have better heat sinking ability for running high output XML drop-ins. They are more $$ but still budget friendly IMO.

With a custom e1320 Drop in. Pick what mode you want. I love mine.


+1 Great drop ins at a great price. :)

E1320's drop in's are so good I bought 3 of them.

Plus 2 of his UF 2100's.

What is the difference between all the solar force modals? There seems to be a lot.

What is this e1320 and where do i find it?

E1320 is a member here at BLF. Just send him a Private Message.

how is this one?

im still not sure what is the difference between the different bodys of SF

That's an L2T and you'll love it.

Be careful though; I think there's something in the aluminum Solarforce uses that is readily absorbed into the skin of budding flashaholics. Depending on specific DNA markers, the effects of this little known substance usually surface with a new and increased urge to order an L2P, roughly 1-2 weeks following a first order episode.

L2P's are known to exacerbate this phenomena at an exponential rate yet unknown so, proceed with caution.


You may consider the L2m, it’s on promotional deal right now for $10,99.

About the holster, I bet most of the materials holsters are made of can take the abuse, but the closing devices are the weak link.
Most of the holsters use velcro for the lit, as long as it is new it closes really strong, but it weakens over the time.
Another weak spot is the system which attaches the holster to your belt.
I got a holster (don’t know the producer) which is attached by a single press button.
I don’t think that a holster like this is suited for rock climbing, because it once opened itself when I jumped in my car.

I ordered a new pouch from Solarforce recently, it should arrive in a few days so I can give you some feedback on this one.

whats the difference between the l2t, l2p and l2m? and which is better

You can surf that site (Solarforce Hosts ) and use the drop-down menu to see each host and their differences.

Also, for the money, and also recommend the Manafont Ultrafire 3-mode XM-L. MUCH brighter than the generic that came with your 504.

Have read decent reviews of the SF drop-ins as well, but E1320s are the ultimate, it seems. I don’t have one yet, but am looking forward to ordering from him.

But I will maintain that the SolarForce hosts are far and away the best P60 hosts I’ve owned. And Foy is exactly right…Be careful.

Do the Solarforce Hosts come with the lens? Can E1320 make a drop-in for the L2m?

Ive looked at the site and i do see the difference but i still dont understand why ive gotten recomendations of one over the other. no one seems to say why its better

+1/ I find it hard to see the difference. Plus, I really hate the SolarForce site. Pictures of black torches on a black background lit up by black lights. Useless. May as well hold them up in the dark.


Yes, SF hosts come with a lens.


In general Solarforce hosts Are of good quality.
L2p host provide HAIII type anodization and seems to be the top of the notch host from SF in the p60 class.

L2T got another design, I can’t stand it but others love it.
I do love the head of the L2t though, no tactical bezel right from he start and knurling on he head.

L2 the standard host, good for beginners in the p60 class to try Solarforce products and the whole Lego and drop in thing.

L2m, I recommended it because of the price and of the feature to screw out the 18650 extender and use it as a single CR123 flashlight.
Also no tactical bezel, as you wished in the first post.

SF host in general are lego system, you can combine L2t head with a L2p body and one of 9 different tailcaps ( if I count them right).
There are extenders and several drop ins available, to build your own p60 flashlight, after your needs and preferences.

Cabela XPG [SureFire G2 clone] host in black and BLAZE ORANGE! They carry 6P, 9P and 12P versions. Unsure if these can take 18650 cells or just 16350-17670s.


I really like the SS special edition l2t that arrived yesterday, the dropin only needed about 4 layers of foil shim to be super snug in the host.

Came with an AR lens and the machining is impeccable.

Only complaint is, it’s HEAVY, like weighs more than my 7g5 in 2 18650 configuration heavy, but I am pretty sure it could survive a drop from low orbit onto concrete.

Yeah, SS is heavy stuff. SolarForce made a SS L2 host some time ago. The only other SS host I can recall is a DX or KD SS L2/6P clone.