DRY brass battery holder spacers FS

Hi guys,

The spacers I ordered just landed, and I'd like to make these available to whomever is in need.

The purpose of these spacers is to allow for the use of the longer 18700-sized cells in the new version of the DRY battery holder.

These are made of fairly heavy brass, and are about 1.1mm thick, each. One set includes 3 spacers, so if you would like to put them on both ends for extra clearance, you will need 2 sets.


I have about 24 sets available. Price is $1.00 for 1 set, $1.50 for 2 sets, shipped first class in the USA. This should almost cover my costs, but not quite. ( I paid $0.15/ea, plus shipping)

Overseas, please PM me, and I'll check pricing. These go in a simple envelope, so it shouldn't be much.

Thanks for looking !

I know you don't need any.

heck of a good deal though, much better than going out and scavenging the hardware store, would pay more in gas than the cost of these.

btw, anyone interested in these should go ahead and get some, even if you dont need them with your current batteries. This is a great upgrade to the DRY and allows the use of pretty much ANY battery.

ill take 4 sets $3.00

I'll take a set.

how much for OS. I will take 2 sets

Please PM me your addy, and I'll check.

4 please, thanks :)

P M sent. Thanks..

I'll take 4 sets please. Thanks

Do we PM you or do you PM us?

PM received Pay Pal sent. Thanks

I would like to have eight sets, not four.

PM sent.


If I counted right that's 25 sets.

I was able to scrape up ten more sets, if anyone is interested.

Chicago -

You do a lot of nice things for us . . . great member . . .


$crew you guys...I do it for the cold, hard cash.

Money Mouth BS

We know better and in case anyone doesn't know.... We know better.

+1 great member . . .

great find on those spacers.

$1.50 per set.

Worst case of price gouging I've ever seen.


I'll take 2 sets please!