DRY to the rescue!

A half hour ago i heard a car crashing into some traffic signs in front of my house (which happens quite frequently) and just drove away without stopping. The street was covered with a bumper, radiator, traffic signs,... I quickly took my DRY with me and i positioned it on a wall to light up the street area where these pieces were located while making signs to other cars they had to slow down and drive around them. When there were no cars I quickly took these pieces of the street (picture below).

This is one of the first times one of my flashlights really really comes in handy :p

Nice! You may have saved someone some property/bodily damage by signaling and getting the debris out of the street!

Next time a wife or significant other says to us "why the lights" Tell this story :)

Well done scheven_architect.

In Belgium they put traffic signs in the middle of the road to slow down traffic. I once was in car that wrecked a bunch of them. We didn’t flee though…
Thank god you where there to keep things safe.

It was almost an eternity ago (read 3 months) that someone drove into them so... it got about time ...

Good job!

You may very well have saved a motorcyclist's life.

I understand that they put that sign there intentionally. I realize that most Europeans aren't as litigation crazy as we are, but perhaps it would be a good idea to point out to the police and the city council that signs cost money too and putting it in the same place over and over again looks pretty reckless to me. Now I don't know the first thing about the law in Belgium but if I were on a jury there, I'd wonder if it ever occurred to them that people obviously aren't slowing down.

Driving into signs and stuff is one thing. The real pain comes when you get the bill, I've heard those silly things run into 1000's of euros to replace.

That's why many flee the scene, figuring they didn't harm anyone.

You can drive 10km here and see maybe 3 or 4 places where signs and roundabouts are partially destroyed from cars driving into them.

Most signs are surrounded by curbs though, people drive into them because of high speed / reckless driving / drunk driving...

Are those Mercedes parts?

I didn't see the car, but it's very plausible that it was a Mercedes van, as van drivers here are considered as some the most reckless (but not at all wreck-less :p).

As vortex says, most of these signs are located on a higher part of the road, so i wouldn't be surprised if the car was airborn until it hit the sign :).