Dumb question . . .

Why does my spam level now say minus oh-one?


I was wondering the same thing

Anyone's best guess, a disgruntled user, a spammer, or mistaken click. Anyway it's fixed now. :)

It's not a problem, I just wondered if I had somehow attained a new low. Too much enthusiasm, violated some unspoken protocol . . .


It's probably just a mis-click, I keep subscribing to threads by accidentally clicking the subscribe line :P

Ohhh - so, maybe I did it.


I also think it is a misclick. I've made that a few times but i think i noticed it alyways na unmarked...

That “mark as spam” button is right where my thumb scrolls the page on an iPhone. I can easily see it getting hit that way.

I may have hit it when I clicked reply or quote. Amazing what you don't see when you're focused on doing something else. Apparently, there are buttons all over the place, on the screen, the front of my computer and my keyboard, good hell; it's covered in buttons. Of course I'm going to eventually do something stupid.


It is a little odd that you have the option to report your self for spamming, but I suppose this is because it was written by the same people that thought it wise to let you delete the Admin account :P

Or someone just jealous of Foy's awesome work and pictures.

Could be just a Greta ......er (sorry) gremlin in the system.

That's a scary thought but who knows--she probably is already one of the regulars here that tend to defend the other place more than others. hmmmmmmmm.

But if it's not her then it's one of her minions.

;) +1

Unfortunately I can't pass the blame on this one... I hacked together the "mark as spam" option. :)

There are no dumb questions .......


Dumb people

whyblamethepoorquestionfoy ????


Maybe They Hates Solarfoyce ...er maybe it's from one of those early years bad bezels you made for a disgruntled customer Surprised



I set you up there with plausible deniability and you went a blew it :P