duracell white top

just went to target for back to school shopping with the little brother, swing by the batteries section and found these, 2000mah white top and made in japan, i was wondering if these are the so-called Duraloops? If they’re not I think it’s still a sweet deals @ $6.08 for a pack of 4. whatcha think?

Yep they look like duraloops to me.

Thats a awesome price.

Yuuuuuuuuup! White tops & Made in Japan :bigsmile: Guess I’ll visit Target mahself tomorrow! Just a mile down the road from me…

awesome! i was lucky enough to picked up the last 3 set :slight_smile:

Looks like the stores near me have them although mebbe they’re not on clearance. Mebbe have them price match themselves from your pic hehe


i need to delete the pics asap!! lol jk, if you need bigger pic, pm me bro. and i’m pretty sure they should have them all on clearance.

i was wondering if the Nitecore i4 charger would be an ideal to charge these AA and AAA?

While the nitecore is a great Li-ion charger I do not use it for niMH’s, it has a hard time with proper termination and is just overall pretty poor at NiMH charging. IMO they shouldnt have include that feature and just stuck with what it does best. Fwiw I had a i4 v1 till I loaned it to a family member who picked up who-knows-what that ran on 10440’s and then got myself a i4 V2 and while I own an XTAR MP1 I use my i4 for 95% of my lithium charging. I have no other complaints with it but I gave up charging NiMH’s on it long ago.

Same, every NiMh I’ve charged tested incomplete on my battery analyzer,
Waiting for xtar new charger to come out then I’m gifting it away.

Man oh man….going to pack up the kids and head that way sometime this afternoon……very good price for duraloops. The white tops are made in Japan while the black tops are made in China.

That is a sweet deal. Started watching the walking dead and now I feel the need to buy 100 or so eneloops.

I am a fan……just cannot wait for October to get here for the new season to start. Yes its a good deal……Energizers suck, just bought a load of the Tenergy Centuras and checking them out now on the Maha’s.

I just HAD to go pick up a few packs of Duraloops. $6.08 for four is one AWESOME deal, and beats the pants off just about anything I have seen.

Went there yesterday and could not find anything……might have to try another store today.

On the Target product page, there should be a “Find instore” button. The search will list your local store stock status.

Cool thanks for the tip….

you want to call first to confirm if it’s really in stock though, i went to two different stores that showed ” in stock ” and couldn’t find anything. they said it’s ” clearance ” item so it’s not in the system and sometime get messed up.

One disadvantage often cited is that employees get the tip and then set the item aside for themselves. At least I don’t know of any cases that falsely show out of stock when in stock.

You could call to see if they have duracell r/c batteries but dont expect them to know if they’re white top or black top, they’re target employees afterall, even if they would go and look I bet they’d say “they’re copper top” lol.

Anyway is this a nationwide sale cause I just bought some a week ago and they were on sale but only for $11.something, if they’re on clearance nationwide for $6 I’m going to buy them out.

Just got home from my local target in Columbus Ohio, they rang up $6.08, I bought all 6 remaining packs of AA’s for <$40! THANK YOU BLF.