Duraloops AA cheap on ebay

Just thought some of you guys would like to know :I Contacted the seller, they are indeed re- branded Sanyo eneloops. I bought 8.



Thanks for the heads up...That seems like a pretty decent deal.

Are the duraloops like this LSD?

That is a great price. If you have a Rite Aid nearby they are on sale this week for $7 for 4 AA or 4AAA but you have to check and make sure they have the white tops made in Japan or black tops made in China they have them both mixed together on the same rack at my local Rite Aid.

Yes they are lsd. They are precharged.

Thanks will have to go and see.

I have a guy at the local flea market sells them for 5$ 2 for 9$ at 1.12 a piece I almost have too many ..At least all my batteries match at this point .I'm almost 100% duraloop .there are some good deals occasionally on ebay .I usually shoot for about 1.25 each bidding on duraloops .I don't think I've ever paid 1.50 for a duraloop ..Patience is the key on ebay.

postage kills it for aus buyers usd 5.20 but a good deal for US buyers

So what would be the difference between the white and black tops? Are the white ones the rebranded eneloops, and the black ones not? I’m gonna go first thing in the morning and check!

Added to the issue of the cost, it that half the "good deals" going around do not even send over here. We Aussies need to find a good freight forwarder to use, that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Yes. The back of the package also says "Made in Japan" on the white tops and "Made in China" on the black tops. I bought a charger that came with the black tops and they don't last as long as the white tops.


I grabbed all they had a rite aid ( 8 & 8 ) They were 7.99 after the cash back deal on a future purchase. Still not the best deal, but way better than their retail price.
Now, what’s the best charger for these bad boys? I have the 4 cell quick charger (energizer maybe?) from walmart, but I would imagine that’s not the best way to do it?

So.... what makes these so special? Are eneloops/re-badged eneloops really five times better than other brands, to justify the five times higher cost? I seem to remember the local costco having eneloop kits with a charger and 12 or 16 batteries for $20 or $25... why are they being sold separately for so much more?


They aren't that special. AA LSD's all cost close to $10 for 4 pack, though. They're worth it over normal nihm if your time has any value.

Can you point me to the $1.20 4-packs of "other" brands? Then I'll tell you if they're worth it. Their combination of reliability, LSD, and ability to deliver currents that would make "higher capacity" cells weep make them worth even retail price.

EDIT Eh... I'm in for 2 packs. With young kids, these things get spread around fast. I have a couple dozen and they are all tied up.

The difference between the white and black tops isn't as significant as it's often made out to be. It's maybe 5%, within the realm of measurement error.

I'll second that. So much cheap stuff seems to be only CONUS.


I know, we rock.

aussies had a one day deal on cef23 chargers for ten bucks a pop and everyone snoozed on that one ..

America home of the free and the brave ...Free means shipping .

What your trying to say is ....aus ebay really sux ..I stumbled onto it one day and thought i'd entered the twilight zone .scary

The black tops aren't nessesarily china ,,, they are rayovac hybrids/lsd ..or durabrids. lots of balck tops are made in japan. china i wouldn't buy.