DX - Fujik adhesive only 32ml

If anyone is curious about the mystery of how much thermal adhesive is actually in a tube of Fujik, the answer is 32 ml:

(there's a bit left in the tube, and some spilled, so it's almost exactly 32 ml)

If anyone ends up out at Vancouver/UBC and wants 5 ml for free, let me know. It'd cost more than it's worth to mail it, but I don't mind parting with a couple of them locally.

Hmmm... I remember reading about the Fujik grease being well under advertised volume as well. Sadly, the Chinese manufactures like to overstate everything.

Thanks for the offer! Maybe I could grab a syringe off you? Where did you get the syringes?

I'll PM you.

You are going to clog a vain with one of those.

I bought one of these:


Will see if it's similarly overrated when it gets here...


No worries. That leaves 3 more up for grabs for fellow Vancouverites!

The syringes were used to administer an oral steroid course, were then washed, rinsed (distilled water. I slightly misused the undergrad chem lab), horded for potential gadget use, and promptly forgotten about a couple years back.

PM sent!

bah same country wrong province lol..could use a tube o goo...