DX seasonal themes.

Does anyone else find it funny that DX will change its theme for what ever season is current but it takes so long to ship that if you decide to buy for the holidays the holidays will have passed by the time you get your goods?

I mean I ordered an 18650 charger from the US warehouse and it still took three weeks to get to my door. I guess better than the 6-8 weeks it now takes DX to ship from China but seriously why would it take so long if the warehouse is supposedly in the US?

Well, think about it now. If they sent the package right out, from the US warehouse (someone's garage), then you would get it quick and think "hmmm why do I buy from China, when it is so quick this way?".

But..... If they take three weeks from the US, then it makes buying from DX china seem almost feasible, LOL.

DX will always be one of the places I never use. They have screwed me twice. Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me. Never a third time.