DX won't help out with the bad switch

I emailed them about the switch in the STL-V6 and asked them just for a switch because I know that's the problem. No, we will not do that. I would pay more for shipping than what the switch cost. I told them I would mail their switch back to them when I got my new one. They said NO. GREAT CS...

I have got 3 of these last week http://www.dealextreme.com/p/super-bright-7-1-3w-30-lumen-led-flashlight-with-strap-black-1-aaa-44705 , 2 are ok, but the switch of the third is defective (wont turn off, sometimes after 10-20 clicks the light turns off).

Today i got a response from DX:

I am sorry for the defective 1*sku44705,regarding to it,do you want us to keep as store credit or resend?you also can ask for a refund,waiting for your response!thanks!

I have asked for a refund.

I've had it with the two big name junk sellers...they can't mail a 2.00 switch. All the back and forth emails is crap, you don't get that from Light Junction or SBflashlights they take care of the problem right then. Just a little customer service would be great from them but they probably have a automated email that says your screwed if you think were going to help you.....

A paypal claim really helps, for them being nicer to their customers. ;-) Don't ask for parts, demand full replacement or money back. Sometimes they offer parts on their own, just because it's cheaper for them. If they got the impression they can drag you over the 45 day PP mark, they will try to do that. Think big, think harsh with KD and DX... that's the only language they choose to understand. Be polite in the emails and rma-cases, but be persistent.


Persistence is everything with these sellers, don't let go and if needed use a Paypal dispute/claim to make them see a solution for your problem.

Tell them you want the whole thing replaced as it is a defective light. They don't carry spare switches for that and would give you far less trouble sending you a whole new light.

Light Junction would charge you $7 for shipping in the first place (maybe I’m thinking of Battery Junction). Dealing with DX is frustrating due to language/culture/policy issues.

I’ve never opened a PayPal claim and have always eventually gotten satisfaction from DX. Patience is not my greatest virtue but it is required with DX. That’s the trade-off for the low prices. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.

Customer service is definitely much better at the usual suspects in the U.S… Prices are also a lot higher in most cases. I shop at both types of companies depending on the circumstances.

I hate to say it but I have been in this situation before.You are probably better off just replacing the switch yourself. DX is going to want you to ship the light back and a new switch will surely be cheaper than shipping.

Keep pressuring them for a partial refund and maybe you will get lucky and shiningbeam or lighthound might have a replacement you can get in a couple days.

If you can get it apart take pictures of the switch and post them up and maybe we can find a suitable replacement for you.

This type of thing happens if it were a cheaper light they might have said keep the light we will send you a new one. The best you can hope for is a partial refund and a common type of switch.

E1320, I posted pictures in a different post and they found the switch for me. Thank you for replying and your thoughts, I was thinking the same thing shipping would cost me more than the switch. Thanks again..