dyson vacuum cleaner just died, happy with the 6x18650s

our dyson has just died, so i salavaged the 18650s

sony 2500mAh 20A constant
that will do me for a while

anyone else had anything die and found they contain 18650s or 26650s

happy day today

4 charged allready and steady at 4.2volts

tested in my c8 xhp50.2 drawing almost 9 amps and solid

thank you please!

Why are you happy?
That thing costs like half of a kidney

When it’s broken it costs nothing ! It died a horrible death

When my original Dyson batteries don't last doing a few minutes on non turbo vacuuming I buy aftermarket replacements on Amazon and salvage the 18650 cells in the old packs.The salvaged cells usually are not very good.If the board in the original Dyson is the problem then the cells may be better than expected.

The Amazon replacements seem to last longer than original Dyson.

In the end it was the motor that went all wobbly , battery’s are fine , 2 year old Dyson with a wobbly motor , we didn’t even use it so much , we ordered a new dyson

Battery’s charge well and seem pretty fine

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Unfortunately the vacuum that lasted forever is no longer made:


Sir James Dyson, Britain’s richest Brexiteer worth £16.3bn, strikes again.
We had a few, according to my wife’s first law: there must be a good reason some things cost more.

And with everyone of them, it looked as if they started from a white sheet of paper. Again!
Nothing fits on nothing. All extra bits are purpose built for just that particular model.
If the smallest item goes missing, or breaks away, you’ll have to buy a whole new cleaner.
Because they don’t deal in spare parts and they don’t do repairs. Just sales.
And now they are increasing profits by selling their stuff to customers directly.

Some of that is completely incorrect. I have mended/sold on quite a few Dyson’s now including 2 battery ones, they are simplicity itself to fix and the parts are widely available. You only need to look on ebay or such like.
If it is a body part, they too can be bought fairly cheaply, new or second hand. You certainly do not have to buy an entire new vacuum.

I bought a 52 battery back for my ebike but even though its a 48v system i was hoping it would work, its got Samsung 35E in it.
Only hassle is getting all the weld tabs off, have not started yet.

Let’s call it: your experience with Dyson in the UK vs. my experience with Dyson in NL.
I will keep it to that.

Maybe it’s different in NL Henk.
I don’t get anything from Dyson UK, well that’s a lie actually, I did get 1 part some time ago. I get all mine off ebay, Dyson might not sell direct (they did) but they do sell to businesses who in turn sell on ebay or through their shops.
I love Dyson, they have made me a fair bit of on the side cash - often they are sold cheap because the battery is dead, such a simple and cheap fix! other times they overheat and cut off, all they need is a clean out and they work fine as it’s a built in safety feature (9/10 times it’s hair around the roller). People on the whole are lazy and don’t even bother to clean them, there are plenty of youtube videos on how to do fixes/cleaning.
Best one for me was a broken fan heater, they are like £350, got one on gumtree for £15 on a punt - called Dyson about the part, they checked the serial number and it was a recall item! they sent me a brand new one out in the post and collected the other! sold it on ebay for £300!