E switch recommendation

Hey lads i am wondering if some one can lead me in the right direction to where i can find good solid E switches? In various sizes?

I want to upgrade this years scratch build to the Q8 driver. I think the ramping will be cool in the light plus it might give the light a few more lumens.

I personally prefer mechanical lockouts so i have not dealt much with E switches besides modding a few lights.


An E switch is just a momentary switch. Push the switch and it makes contact, release the switch and contact is broken.
If you knew that already I just wasted the ten minutes it took me to type this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea when using an E switch the driver is always powered which is why i am not a fan cause when you have so many lights its a pain checking all lights and some light don’t have anodized threads so no lockout. Drain isn’t an issue if the light is always used.

Or you can store the lights empty which is why i have like 15 18650s laying around.