E03H II question and a little more;-)

Can anyone who has a E03H II speak to its clip-ability? Specifically, can it easily and accurately be clipped to a shirt or hat brim? Thanks.

It appears that the CW version is back in stock and Manker is offering BLF a 20% off cupon. For what I like in a light I just don’t think there is anything close to as good as this without spending twice as much — especially if it is as clip-able as I expect it to be.

Not sure why I appear to be on the fringe of the fringe on this issue. For me, the clip on an EDC light is perhaps its most important feature. The ability to always carry something that can be easily and accurately attached for hands free use is an essential part of EDC. Tint and beam profile might rank a touch higher. A proper moonlight is absolutely essential. The E03H II checks all the boxes for me. Is there anything I might be over looking that I should consider instead? I already have an E02 II so its kind of redundant. However I think the extra run time will likely be worth it as I don’t think it is that much larger to rule it out.

I am only marginally bothered by the fact that using a 14500 would essentially make it useless for me. Don’t mind giving up the top end lumen compared to loosing a proper moonlight. Another question I have for anyone with the E03H II is what happens when the niMh cells get higher IR? On my E02 II, once the IR goes over about 150 mOhms, turbo is just a novelty and sometimes even high is only available for the first half of the battery life. Sometimes it will get into a loop where it won’t turn on because it can’t sustain high. It will however always work in moonlight and the highest moonlight is basically a low anyway so the light will remain useful until a fresh battery is changed. Not a huge deal as when that happens it is just time to get a new set of batteries. Just curious if anyone sees this with the AA or if it is specific to how hard they have to push a AAA to get the performance?

Now that I have learned the hard way that the clip on the TS10 pro is worse than worthless for pocket carry I have decided to replace my venerable Ti3 with the TS10 and no clip. Don’t really care if the anno gets scuffed and we will see if I will have to enable lockout. The thing is so small that I doubt it will be an issue to just have in my pocket all of the time. That is the other reason for asking about the clip. I think I want to clip the E03H as my pocket carry. Seems to me like this combo will give me maximum usefulness with minimum space. Thoughts?

FWIW I really like the beaded optics or the tripples like the TS21 and TS10 for a smooth beam. Love the 4000k tint of the SST-20 or CSP2323.