E14 Bulb = 2,2W and 220 lumens

Bought this at a Swedish store.


2,2W and 220 lumens with 16 SMD2835.
This is the best Euro energi class I have seen on a bulb at A.

Other bulbs they have are good, like their 9.5W/806L/(60W eq).
Looks more like a 80W old bulb to me.Feels a bit white thou.

Two year old thread so i can say that mine where OK. I put one in a deco earth globe that has been on night duty since and another in a bedroom light.
It should be somewhere on this site;
Edit; this; http://sle.se/led/e14/#j420486
Some pulsing? Think mine are much better than 55 CRI so must be different batch.
Also there is Ikea bulbs on that site,so has international interest;