E21A 2000k/5000k vs 219b 2700k/4000k D4V2

I'm thinking about getting another D4V2. I have one with 219b 4500k but I want something more rosy. I've heard that a mix of e21a 2000k/5000k is very rosy. I worry that it wouldn't be very bright though. How would it compare to a mix of 219b 2700k/4000k? Which one would be better?

219b 2700K and 4000K are close to the BBL I believe, the mix won’t be very rosy.

E21A 2000+4500k does that :

I don’t have sw45k from Emisar but I believe they’re not extra rosy, not lower than –0.01 duv ?

2000K+5000K shouldn’t be more rosy than 2000K + 4500K because 5000K E21A is close to the BBL, but will be sligtly cooler.

Hmm interesting. Yeah this sw45k from emisar is nice but it just looks pure white. The 2000k/5000k was suggested to me and I saw a picture of it and it looked really rosy. Although pictures are deceiving and the sw45k looked a lot rosier than real life in that picture as well.

I have a mix of 219b 3500K and 4500K in a DT8 and a mix of E21A 4500K and 3500K in a KR4 mule. The E21A mix is neutral and, by comparison, the 219b mix is warmer and rosier.

Is the E21A more efficient than the 219b, and if so, by what average percentage?