E2's Garage Sale Thread - Good Deals on Great Stuff! Updated 7/9/2014 XTAR, Zebralight, Eagletac and More

The s6330 is a fantastic tool/light. Too bad it appears to be discontinued.

Thanks, I didnt realize that. PM Cellguy. He might be able to get another one. The S6330 is one I always carry in my overnight bag, along with a modified aspheric thrower. The Zeb puts out like a hopped up compact version of an SRK, but with three independent regulated driver channels, each drawing from its own 18650. Its also thermally regulated, which it needs in continuous high mode use. :bigsmile: This is one of very few expensive lights that was done correctly on nearly all accounts and continues to impress after a lengthy ownership.

Also, BD2/SE2 is 18650/2x123 and BD1 is 14500/AA (Edit: SE2 is 18650 only)

I'm really surprised that the BD2's haven't been taken already. Those are still being sold for $55 at many places. At $21, they're a serious bargain.

I'll take another , # 28 BD2

I cannot seem to find where it says that the SE-2 and BD-2 will take 2 X CR123s. Where did you read this?

Please and Thank You!

Oh no! I messed up there didn't I. The SE-2 is 18650 only. My bad.

The BD-2 is supposed to be able to take 1x 18650, 2x 123, and 2 Li-ions according to the product description at EDCPlus and Balder sponsored reviews here and at CPF.


BD-2 is shipped. Tracking in PM. Thanks! I only have the Balder's in CW. I do in fact have 1 NIB 6330. I was thinking of adding to my personal collection but I could probably be talked out of it. Zebra has taken it out of production and we won't see it in this form factor again. They do have another multi-emitter on the roadmap for 2014 but I could talk them into sharing any specs. My guess is that it will part of the tactical line they are developing.

Ill take #34

I’ll take #29. BD2. Paypal incoming.

Thanks for the order. Shipping today. Looks like I had an order mixed up. JSR, PM incoming.

I’ll take #33. Payment inbound. Thanks!

Update: Payment sent.

All orders to date are shipped, thanks. Price drops on the remain Inova lights.

See the OP for the update sales listing!

Happy July! I have a handful of demo flashlights available at hopefully interesting prices. All in are good working order and generally like new condition. Boxes are included where noted though the various accessories might be missing. All sales are final unless in the case of a DOA item.

I will be sending out a Fourth of July sale to my mailing list later tonight. If you have not signed up to receive it, now would be a good time.

I’ll take #4 SWM V11r - PAID


I’ll take #1 & #3

How is the Zebralight SC600 modded? Which version is it. Does it still have the same UI?

Also I'll take the Nitecore EA4.

I will take #3. Sending paypal.

I already got #1 & #3, see above.