EA21. 2000 vs 2700 K

Hey all. I’m curious about the E21 9080 high cri LED. I have my eye on a D4v2. I had one before but sold it (prefer FW3A). But I’m very intrigued by the E21 LED in a warm tint.

Can someone compare 2000K and 2700K? My favourites are usually 3500-4000K but I’m open minded. I have “2700K” LED lighting at home.

Is 2000K too warm? I know sunset light is beautiful. Just really curious.

Some people think that 5700K (vs 6500K) is “too warm”, so you just gotta try it and see if you like it.


You can see for yourself, it’s going to be like a candle, albeit a brighter one :smiling_imp:

2000K measured measured by maukka (integrated) :

a candle :

Hi Gunga,

I have a jetue21a with 2000K and another with 3000K. Not the exact comparison but a good one nonetheless.
I find the 2000K very special, especially when using the light in a lower power setting. The 3000K is nice, but when I want a warm tint right before bedtime, I always go straight for the 2000K. I am not sure how useful I would find it in a higher power light. Its very orange, like a candle.

The 2700K would be better all around for sure, but the 2000K is very special.

Hey thanks! Good info. Hmmmm. I’m not worried about max output really. 2000K might be odd in a D4v2. But I have no other. Might be cool.

Any photos?

Hey Gunga, I remember you were the one that hooked up a Petzl external battery pack to a PT Eos way back at the other place. I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks reading about the latest high CRI lights among other things. There have been many photos of the E21A 2000K in other threads (search 2000K), but only indoor shots (white wall or the LED itself on very low setting looking like an old incandescent).

I’m wondering what the experience of these really warm, high CRI lights would be like outdoors in the woods. In another thread, arficus was saying that people have better visual acuity with warm light, seeing terrain detail better, such that mountain bikers at high speed on rough surfaces at night are measurably faster with warm lights over cool lights. I haven’t had any warm headlamps other than my first (PT Solo, almost 25 years ago), which was much too weak to be really usable for running in the woods, but I can see how this is true. I wonder if visual acuity keeps improving taken to the 2000K and 2700K level. I am reminded about how selective yellow fog lights (might) work better than white fog lights by improving the viewer’s visual acuity, because they don’t actually penetrate any further. I’m very tempted to get a 2000K to use for running in the woods. Anyone have outdoor beam shots in woods/natural areas with these warm lights?

Wow! Can’t believe you remember that! It was an epic big project. I feel bad because it cost so much. Took a ton of careful planning and execution. Was a lot of work. Probably a lot easier to find off the shelf solutions these days.

Yep. I’m tempted to go 2700K for general utility. Also could be cool to try candle tint. Anduril has candle mode I believe. But that’s more for fun.

I use lights a lot wandering around the house, both could be interesting.

He has both now

Beamshots can tell you what the beam pattern is, but they can’t tell you what 2000K light will look like in real life.


You are correct that visual acuity is better with warm light. Fovea centralis, the part of your retina responsible for sharp central vision, has almost no blue-sensitive cones, only red-sensitive and green-sensitive cones.

I have 2 monochromatic flashlights. The difference in sharpness is obvious.

  • Emisar D4SV2 with SST-20-B Royal Blue 450nm
  • Emisar D4SV2 with SST-20-DR Deep Red 660nm

With red, I can see details clearly even with a small amount of light.
With blue, no matter how much I ramp up the brightness, everything remains very fuzzy.

2000k is like a bonfire. 2700k is like an incandescent and is also for relaxing

Same here. I noticed that since I was a kid.

Related question:

I want to purchase a D4V2 with a mix of E21 4500K and E21 of a warmer tint. I’ve never mixed LEDs before. Is there any rule that it will look funny if the difference is too great? In other words, should I go with 2700K, or would 2000K be a fine option as well? I don’t know what I’m getting into, I just know that 2700K on it’s own is too warm for what I want in this light, and 4500K too cool.

He said that he might have 3500k in stock again soon.

I also reflowed two successfully.

John Deez, that’s good to hear about the 3500K. But, I’m kind of intrigued by the LED mixing option. 2700 and 4500 average to 3600, so very close. But, I can’t help but wonder how those beam shots would compare. Pretty much the same? Even better color rendering with the mix somehow? I’m a novice. If anyone can illuminate the matter…

I just picked up a 2700/4500 mix, its pretty nice. A little rosy but more orange/yellow and not mind blowing rosy as I might have hoped. Will try a 1/8 minus green for giggles.

Tried to take some beamshots with fixed white balance but it just oversaturates the red and doesn’t show a true image, to the eye its a warm orange/yellow.

lazerEagle, I just learned a little about the effect that mixed CCT has on the tint. Can I assume that 2000K with 4500K would be slightly more rosy than your mix? Or does the warmer color mask the rosiness?

A bit of both perhaps?
Check out this post. It appears unless you min/max cct you are in for a pleasant variation as opposed to noticeable rose.

Using maukka’s measurements at 1.2A (1.25A max in the D4v2) , 2000+4500 = 2921K duv –0.0097

While 2700+4500 = 3338K duv –0,0055

So a significant difference in duv/rozyness