EachBuyer 825-T6 review

A nice camping light.

This light sent to me for review by EachBuyer is a decent light. It won’t intimidate my family with a complex OS or give them fear of burning it up in it’s high mode. (I have lost 3 lights to this muggle induced phenomenon so far) The light can fit 26650 or 18650 batteries with the included spacer and it has a tight beam that throws similar if not better than a Convoy C8, a momentary switch on the side and 2 easy modes with a hidden strobe; high and medium. To access strobe from any level including off, hold down the button for 2 seconds. The next click resuming the high, low, and stand buy levels. I feel very comfortable recommending this light as a camp light or emergency light to keep in the kitchen should the power go out, it’s a good light. I believe that for flashaholics this light provides a unique host for some creative modifications.

The light arrived bubble wrapped in a box with lightly greased threads. I like the size of the light as it fits nicely in the hand and in my opinion it has a classic form factor. The threads are partially anodized permitting locking out the light for storage. The anodizing itself is complete with no nicks, scrapes or inclusions but a tad too shiny to be Type III hard anodized. There is a post on the tail for a lanyard. The lanyard, a peccadillo of mine whose value I have never understood. If you like lanyards, the one that comes with this light is honestly the most tasteful or classic I have ever received with a light. I took that off before placing a battery in the light. Unfortunately that little post remains so the light is unable to tail stand. I think the value for a utility light is the ability to tail stand far out ways the use of a lanyard but that is a personal preference and does not interfere with the ultimate function of the light. The tube that forms the body of the light has male threads on top and female threads on the bottom so if a spare tube is available from EachBuyer than this light could take two 26650s and make a really nice host for an MTG2 build. The momentary switch is similar to that found on the Supfire M6, the machining of the Supfire’s switch is a shade finer but both function and make the same faint little rattle when the light is shook just right. The XML used in this light is the coldest white/blue that I have seen on an XML, also it’s an XML, not an XML2. I will have to de-dome the light and re-evaluate the hue and throw in the coming week. The Achilles heel for modders will be the lack of a shelf or threading for a brass or copper pill. The MCPCB is aluminum and held in place by the reflector. The reflector is a smooth aluminum reflector measuring 37.85mm in diameter and 26.87mm in length. The MCPCB that is held in place by the reflector is 24.77mm at its widest point. (It is not quite square and while not a circle it most closely resembles a circle) I will be scrounging Etsy for some copper discs to address heat sinking as this light will ultimately have to have a little Hazzard added to it. More on that later. So for a camp/emergency light I think that this is a good light.


  • Throws well
  • Momentary side switch
  • Takes 26650 batteries
  • SolidNice build with good anodizing
  • Host with potential for a variety of modifications, especially if an extension tube is available


  • Lack of a threaded pill or at least a solid shelf for the MCPCB
  • Cold 6500 kelvin XML
  • Post on tail for lanyard that inhibits tail standing

Likes to dislikes ratio of 2:1 and all the dislikes appear fixable without much of a headache.

Now for exploring the ability of this host to take modifications…
I know I am going to remove the tail post, maybe put a magnet and steel plate on the tail and put in some copper inside. Other than that, I can’t decide between an MTG2 build, a triple or a quad. Post some suggestions on what you think I should do to make this thing less safe even more useful, but safe for muggles. It’s a camp light and I would like to keep it that way. My wife likes throw over flood for a camp light. I on the other hand like flood for a camp light. Let me know what you think and I’ll put it together in another thread.

Thanks, Scotty

I’d rather see a review of that copper light.

Thanks for the review for eachbuyer! The link is http://www.eachbuyer.com/1200lm-cree-xm-l-t6-white-led-aluminum-alloy-flashlight-torch-camping-3-modes-p317519.html

Thank you for sharing. Do you have pics of it taken in the dark?
I guess an MTG2 build is passable.
BTW the copper one looks sharp.

As for your wife… idk, but “good wife good life” :bigsmile:

Muggle safe? :bigsmile:

I wish we had muggles sometimes… But then I see my niece and think naw- I saw her put a plate down, the dog licked it spotless and she put it back into the cubbard like it was washed

That light might not do too well with a MT-G2. It heats up quite a bit- the muggles might burn your neck while your sleeping on the couch.

looks identical to the ultrafire i posted a while back.a simple resistor mod and some compound on the shelf really wakes these up.
sand down the centering ring too.

Eachbuyer’s sold out on this one (I did try emailing to ask)

Snakebite? got a pointer to ” the ultrafire i posted a while back”? If it has the same easy access to strobe, it’d be handy.
It was mentioned at looking for a 17 mm driver with quick access to strobe recently

I tried an image search on the picture hoping to find the same light elsewhere and haven’t turned it up so far.

Bought couple of these light last year, but mine came with XM-L2 for about $12 from Aliexpress under the name Yupard… simple resistor mod will give the light some extra oomph :slight_smile:

Sanchez, the light would need a custom pill with a sleeve to tolerate the heat of an MTG2. The heat sinking is quite poor as the MCPCB is on its own with its perimeter edge resting on a lip. Better heat sinking on a P60.