[EachBuyer]Announce Selfie Giveaway Winner again!

Hi guys how are you there? Sami here. Last week we did an activity here, we got many replies but when we announced the giveaway winner, it aroused anger, curse(I can feel it) among audiences, especially winner JonnyMac said this kind of activity is nothing but “bait & switch”, deceptive, manipulative to the forum, and generally stinks of douchebaggery. And finally JonnyMac refused to accept this prize and have asked me to offer it to whomever I feel is runner up.

I will explain all of this but first of all I will do as JonnyMac said rechoose another winner to give away, so here is this one, we just feel it’s so funny: Hairy_Steve for this
You have Vodka?? Vodka

You have Vodka??

Vodka GOOD!!!

Too Much Vodka??

No more Vodka 8-(

I will PM you to give us shipping address so we can send to you.

Second here’s some response to this activity
1 Q: We all entered with the understanding that winner could choose any light on your site between $30 and $60 and all other participants could get any light under $30 for just $0.10. Now it seems like you are telling that what you want to give JonnyMac a certain one and that all the other contestants get one of 4 prizes instead of the promised “anything under $30”?

A: Sorry about the confusion. For all the entries, we choose those four products to set as 0.1 cent gift, but we didn’t specify who choose (we didn’t state clear, it’s our fault), PS: If we let all participants choose, you know more than 40 messages!! We are about to go explosion. And for JonnyMac you can rechoose one and send to me if you are not satified with the one we chose.

2 Q:You asked winner to review?
A: Review is optional. I know when ask to review then this activity would not be a “giveaway”. When I PM to winner I said if it’s possible then do a short review for us, but if not comfortable then OK. Since EachBuyer is new to this forum we need more exposure and honest reviews.

Conclusion: Obviously there are something not clear in our rules in this selfie activity and we learned from it, next time we’ll plan everything better. Thank you very much guys. BTW, eachbuyer is 3 years now! And we have a great promotion there: http://www.eachbuyer.com/promote (I have aready wrote a post here) I gotta say something is really cheap, to be honest the discount may not true but something you worth getting now!

How about I just PM you my addy and you mail me free stuff? Sounds alot easier to me! Hope that does sound selfeish! :Sp

Hey Ricflair, what products you want to review for eachbuyer? PM me and I will see.

Samiluo; Since you have selected another winner for the

contest.——Is the new winner, Hairy_Steve going to have

his choice of a flashlight from your company ?

Yes sir, but I will still reward JohnnyMac, still waiting for his message.

But I guess he’s too busy, last time he chose one by himself but sadly though only ships to UK…

Samiluo: Help me correctly understand, what you are saying.

1—When JohnnyMac contacts you ,You’re still going to send JohnnyMac
his choice of a flashlight for the selfie contest from eachbuyer.com ?

2—Hairy_Steve also gets his choice of a flashlight sent to him
from eachbuyer.com

Let us know, if this is what you’re doing.

1 Yes
2 I chose one for Steve and he said yes, so we shipped

Good, maybe this might help to get some of the selfie contest
confusion crap cleared up.—Can you post a picture of the flashlight
that Hairy_Steve said yes and you shipped to him ?—The next thing
is for JohnnyMac to contact you ! Hey JohnnyMac ! Contact Samiluo,
he says, he’s got a flashlight of your choice to send to you for free !!

Sorry about the confusion, yes, the product we sent to Hairy is

haha, then I wont be able to send again, he has to choose one more time on eachbuyer, haha

Samiluo: Still some confusion ! You have 5—7 photos of this
same type of flashlights on the eachbuyer.com flashlight pages.
Each flashlight has a different sku #,different prices and Lumens.
They look alike ! Which flashlight did you send ? Please identify
the exact flashlight that you sent to Hairy_Steve.

It’s this SKU:RC94, my friend.

Now, there’s NO confusion, about which flashlight you sent

to the selfie winner. You did your part to clear up the crap.

Thank you for showing the info about which flashlight you

sent to Hairy_Steve.

It’s my job to make clear, hehe

Got my $.10 flashlight pouch today…not bad for the price

Great! Seems shipping time not so bad, hehe

The flashlight turned up today
I thought I might carry on the wacky pictures.
Initial impressions??
Damned hard to balance on my head.
I broke a plate from when it fell off.
Actually I think this picture makes me look a little crazy especially with the saber in the background.
unbalanced when on head

Seems solid enough if I needed to bump someone on the head with it
No where near as a good thumper as the solarforce gladiator but good enough.
Fairly bright - I’m going to have to get out and charge a few batteries and compare it to my TN30 and my Fenix TK45.
From memory its at least as bright as the TN30.
Is it fair to compare to much a $150 (or whatever) light to a $30 one??
Definitely brighter then the TK45

I will get around to posting a little review some time soon maybe with some comparisons with other lights -
Perhaps the TN30 and a Fenix TK45 for floody type lights and maybe the Solarforce MP1 and the Warsun CT9T for something throwy.
Thanks again.

wow thank you so much stephen