Eagle Eye X2R short review

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (link is external, with google translator).

First, start with the packaging:
It comes in the simple white cardboard box.

The box contains several accessories: Wrist strap (good quality), spare O-rings and green spare tailcap (not GITD).

The built-in battery charger worked well. If you have inserted the micro USB cable then turn the flashlight on. I measured a current of 0.98A at 5.09V voltage. At the end of the charge, the indicator light switches from red to blue. Slowly later, the charge is completely switched off. The battery was later measured at 4.22V. It’s a bit high, but it does not go too far.

When the maximum brightness is applied, the flashlight is warming up. It does not have thermal protection, the temperature is constantly rising:

During the 15 minutes the body temperature increased by 27 °C.

The usual three parts can be divided into:

The head is disassembled:

Good quality of anodizing:

The tailcap is disassembled:

Factory fitted with OMTEN switch.


Size with other models:


Compared to the big rival S2 +, the built-in charge offers the Eagle Eye X2R. That’s why more money has to be paid. From the price difference you can roughly buy an NCR18650B battery and a lii-100 battery charger. Who is a good choice? Older people, those who do not much use the flashlight. They only have a problem with the separate charger, the battery pack and then recycling. They are a good alternative. Those who often use flashlights for them are not worth the extra price because they have an excellent battery charger at home and have replacement battery.
It is as good quality as the Convoy S2 +, but the higher price does not reach everyone.

External link for product:
EagleEye X2r on GearBest
EagleEye X2R on BangGood

Thanks for the review.
I like X2R because driver do not use PWM.
What should Eagle Eye improve is to offer Warm White version and short battery tube for 18350.

They now have a black 18350 tube: Black 18350 X2R tube.

As for warm white, yeah, they only go as warm as 5000K for their XM-L2 flashlights. You’ll have to mod the LED yourself to go warmer.

Thanks man.
I will order one.

Looks good but only 550lumens max output are half of the S2+ rival right?

The photos show that the difference between X2R and S2 + is minimal.

I’m happy to persuade 1-2 people not to buy a flashlight in the supermarket, but to buy an excellent Convoy, or if you do not have a battery charger such as an X2R flashlight. No lumen counts. These are good flashlights to illuminate them.

For me some photos tell you more in a test than 5-6 scientific measurements or formulas.

I think it’s to keep the heat down so people don’t get scorched when they run the highest mode for a while.

This is why I like X2R.
S2+ can be orderd with 1000 lumens but there is no step down. If you left S2+ on high you will damage it.
I can give my X2R to anyone with no concern.
550 lumens are more than enought.
If you want maximum brightness than get BLF A6. It has 1600 lumens and has step down timer.

Thanks for the review. :smiley:

city of Bern ?