EAGLE EYE X2R XM-L2 Flashlight Torch USB charge 3modes 18650 battery flashlight


Product name: Eagle Eye X2R USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Brand: Eagle Eye
Model: X2R
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XM-L2 U2
Light Color: U2-1A cold white(6500K—7000K),naturally white U2-3C(5000K-5500K)
Material: Aviation aluminum
Mode: low,middle,high(with memory function)
Current: 0.08A-0.7A-1.6A
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 (not included)
Switch Location: Tail switch
Impact Resistant 1.5 meters
Color: black/gray
Weight: 88g without battery
Size: 122mm x 24mm (length x tail diameter)
Current controlled driver – No PWM
charge current:0.9A

Great size for a rechargeable but high mode is only 1.6A? Do you have pictures of the driver?


This looks like a solid light. If the typical Eagle Eye quality is there, it is a bargain at under $20. I think the 1.6A is low in comparison to other lights, but it will give quite a good amount more light than most of the junk lights you can buy in a retail store…

I’m really excited for this one.

I was really excited for the X5R too, thought I could make it my dream light, but the driver/charger design ended up being almost impossible to do a driver swap, and frankly it was a little ugly.

This one has the classic X2/S2 proportions, and based on how compact the driver/charger cavity, I’m expecting a nice stacked set-up like the X6R was.

And you can’t beat the price!

Maybe I shouldn’t rave so much before it even gets delivered…. but like I said, i’m excited. Anybody have one in-hand yet?

I got a pair in hand for two weeks now. I couldn't figure out the charging at first, so I left it aside so that I had more time for Skilhunt and imalent.

Unlike X5R, X2R only come in generic white box (lower budget).

Eagle Eye even made a new clip for it: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/universal-clip-suitable-for-X2R/1735126_32704997974.html

I assume it would work well with Convoy’s deep carry clip also.

Any first impressions, freeme?

pilotdog68, it’s very convenient to charge: just turn it on (cannot be charged when tailswitch is off) and plug in the microUSB cable (LED turns off when charger is connected). Otherwise it’s identical to Eagle Eye X2 (Convoy S2, Roche F12, etc…)

Charging procedure is slightly different from X5R. X2R's online manual indicate that you have to turn on the tail switch then plug in the cable. Light will turn off by itself when it goes into charging mode. LED turns amber from red when it is fully charged.

Another nice addition from EE, now if only it could push out 3 amps at high. Still this one’s on my wish list this month

My X2R came today! Like most EagleEye products, this one is an incredible value. Beautiful EE ano, great knurling, threads, and whatever else. Besides that, the Convoy deep-carry clip fits great, and you can even sorta use the s2+ short tube with it. It also has a solid shelf under the LED like an A6, so that’s a perk for the single-emitter people (a triple will be a tough fit). The charger pulls up to 1amp.I’m testing it now to see what it terminates at.

The main negative i see is that the mode spacing isn’t great, but it’s a simple L-M-H.

I haven’t gotten the driver out yet, but it looks roomy in there.

Update: mine is charging to 4.21v consistently. I’m very happy with that

Thanks for the first impressions, sounds like a solid mod platform…

Looks like a winner for the price. Thanks for the comments and brief evaluation.

Among all the budget brands in the market, EE really deserve a lot of praise for their well made flashlights and their price is very reasonable imo. I really wish they could take a step further to surprise us with more powerful lights series soon.

I wish they released S2+ like light with side switch.

I’m even more excited now…. the driver and charger boards are completely independent, just held together by 3 pins, exactly like the X6R. The bottom board is the charger with USB port mounted on it, with the driver board stacked on top.

The charger board is 17.25mm (not counting the little centering tabs).
The driver board is 14.5mm.
The pill cavity is wide enough that you can probably fit between 15.25mm-15.5mm for the replacement driver.
The stack height stock is 7.75mm
The height room for the stack is 9.25mm (adjusted for the pcb sitting on the shelf)

Not a ton of room for the wires, will need smart placement.

Really nice 3.5mm tall (yes, tall) retaining ring with 3 full rows of smooth-turning threads.

It takes a 16mm mcpcb.

I’ll make my own thread when I can get a driver together… hopefully I can fit everything I want on 15mm. I should be able to since I can use both sides without a spring pad.

That is great news PD68! Now the wait for mine…

Thank again for the teardown! I will order one now…

There are 2 little FETs (are they fets?) on each output lead of the driver, what are they for?

And if I were to drop a 15mm FET+1 in there how would the 3 pins be wired?

The three pins are batt+, ground, and one connects to the mcu so it knows when power is connected.

We might need someone to add something to the firmware so that the light turns off when charging

Indicator or main LED?