Eagle Eye X6 black flashlight host on AliExpress

Ok Eagle Eye responded and as I was beginning to suspect there is only one host for all X6. The confusion began for me because Gearbest is calling it the “XPL-HI” host, when really it’s XML / XPL / XPL-HI

Reply from Eagle Eye:

X6 XML and X6 XPL HI use the same reflector,but different centering ring.

Comes with one each XML and XPL centering ring, if you want both the same instead please leave a message.

Comes with SMO reflector.

If you want black clip instead of silver, when you order, please leave a message

Host has EAGLE EYE X6 logo.

good looking out khas…been looking for x6 host with more reasonable pricing… Are these the ones with full square cut tail thread or trapezoid if you dont mind checking?

The listing for these disappeared a month or so ago. I asked about them last night and they’ve relisted the package. Why not grab two, or four? :wink:

I noticed the listing was gone but gearbest still had them. To me this is the greatest edc host ever made. Just my opinion. I have like 5 or 6 of them

Thank you, stranger, for that unsolicited testimonial. You heard the man, folks! There is only one right choice here. So, step right up and have your money ready! No pushing.

Only 5 or 6? I have 12 variations and have built over 50! My favorite light too. :wink:

I have two original aluminum BLF X6 and and one SS/CC, I might have to try the EE host though, pretty sure I read the knurling is better than the original BLF version.

Awaiting 17mm boost drivers to try some XHP’s in these.

The Eagle Eye X6 has much better anodization, Type III where the Astrolux made group buy lights are type II.

It’s just a better made light, the Eagle Eye original.

Thanks, is the knurling a bit better too? Also have you done any single xhp/mt-g2 in one?

My alum ones are from the very first SE, (v1)

You built a couple of them for me lol. When the 17mm boost driver becomes available I have some plans for a few more. A dedomed sst40 is next when I get a couple of host in. It was actually you that gave me the nudge I needed to start modding. Still can’t solder resistors and such. If it’s a nice light I’ll leave to pros like you I can’t afford to many mess ups with my budget… But clicky lights I’ll build all day.

Good to see you back here posting more. Haven’t seen you on like you use to be.

The eagle eye x6 has better threads also compared to the astrolux version. When you have both side by side you can see the quality difference. And the stock ee x6 driver is great when gifting a light to someone. 3.5 amp turbo for 3 mins. Good for any 17mm driver light (non e switch of course) and someone new to high powered lights.