Eagle Eye X7 Melt Down

Eagle Eye X7, no mods, EVVA 26650 5200mAh button top.

Both springs overheated, lost temper and lost spring.

I tried to bluetooth a pic from my phone to the computer for attachment but couldn’t get it to transfer.


Edit: unsoldered the wires, looked for possible contacts between + and host, resoldered the wires. At first turn on there was no light but the springs were on the way to a second melt down. I suspect the driver is internally shorted.

Hmm i can upload to tinypic from my phone (even from cam)
maybe that works?

So where was the short? Or have you not disasembled the light yet?

I’ve dissembled the light and no other damage is apparent. Just the overheated springs.

I did a reboot of the computer and that fixed the bluetooth issue. Now when I try to attach an image I don’t a popup that allows me to go to my drive and select the image.

Just email the picture to yourself from phone to computer.

Yes you need to host the image somewhere, like tinypic or something
Then you have a link to it and it can be posted (please set width 100% while doing the posting :wink: )

Well there has to be since you cant melt the springs just like that on a stock light

Do check the wires under the reflector, do they have enough clearance or is one touching it by any chance?

Here you go…

Hard to tell from the pics. How does the reflector back side look? Any chance the LED+ and LED- are shorting through the reflector?

Use another site… pb is useless.

Can you take a PIC of the other side of the driver?

How much space between driver spring and retainer ring?

If the springs fried before power on, short within the driver does seem most likely cause. Please let us know what problem you find on the top of the driver (or post a couple good close up pics).

EDIT: Nix the above. The switch would have to be On (or shorted) for a short in the driver or LED leads to matter.

You can always try running it without a reflector to determine if that is the cause of a short circuit. If that was the original cause, something else might have been fried but you may be lucky too

Welcome to BLF jr2017, right on!
It reminds me of the Coneta, 26650 with a wide +top could short because the driver retainer ring could touch the cell creating a dead short.

Sounds like the light had a dead short, which caused the springs to overheat and lose tension.

It’s a very good thing that happened. If the springs hadn’t failed, the short might have caused the light to explode.

Thanks :slight_smile: