EAGLE EYE X9 XHP70LED inside Hard Light flashlight 26650/18650 3800LM

Product features
●CREE XHP70 LED with a lifespan of 100000 hours
●Uses two 26650/18650 rechargeable batteries
●350grams(excluding battery)
●Constant current circuit,no stroboscopic
●Low voltage reminder indicates
●Reverse polarity protection,to protect from improper battery installation
●Side switch for light-dimmer and mode shifting
●Premium type Ⅲhard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
●Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

Nice! I like the full round battery tube! :THUMBS-UP: (dis-like flats on battery tubes }( )

Is the bezel stainless steel or aluminum?

Hmm double post’s? :smiley:

stainless steel

Can protected battery fit in battery tube?

Yes,no problem.

Can you tell us if the following is correct?

It looks like it has no tail switch, just a side switch only?

Long press, 0.5 sec for on and off?

Single click to switch the 4 brightness levels?

Double click for strobe?

Triple click to activate electronic lockout?

You can get cool white or neutral white emitters?

Would you be working on a smaller version by chance?
A single 26650, xhp70 and smaller reflector?
Pocket size light?

Two things:

  1. I saw X9 and thought maybe it was a larger brother to the X6 and got excited. Then came here and was massively disappointed!
  2. This thread belongs in the Commercial Sellers’ Area. No offense. Just please move it.

yes, it has no tail switch, just a side switch

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