Eagletac D25A2 Mini, does it come in clicky?

I have been looking for an ultra slim 2 AA light to replace my 2 AAA penlight for added runtime. I found the Eagletac D25A Mini and almost bought one until I saw it was a twisty. Totally worthless to me. If it had a forward clicky (couldn’t care less about tail standing) with one mode or at most two, it would make an excellent EDC for those of us who carry a penlight in traditional 2 AAA format.

Just check out the EagleTac D25A2 Clicky version, in Cool White or Neutral White XM-L U2 LED.

The D25A is a single AA light.

Typo. Meant D25A2. Thanks.

Here you go!


It's a reverse clicky though, so if it's a forward clicky you need and only two modes maybe the quark AA2 X tactical is what you need.


The only downside is you said "ultra slim", in which the quark is rather thick...so on second thought, scratch that last one.

Go with the EagleTac :) (not to mention you can get one with the new xp-g2!)

The clicky is longer and shaped a little different than the twisty though. Too bad you don’t care fore twistys because the D25A2 twisty is a beauty. Really small like a pen, and powerful. The deep carry pocket clip is the best on the market.

The DA25A2 is thicker than the mini. Looking to see if the Mini comes with a clicky or if there is a mod for it around. Maybe another light that can swap tailcap?

I don’t recall seeing a D25A2 Clickie… There may be one but I have’t laid eyes on it. I have a pair of the D25A2 Twistie… One still in the box. I’d turn loose of one if you want it…but it IS a twistie… Mod It!!! Here is a picture of mine… I thought about modding one… it wouldn’t bee too hard the way they are made. Finding a really good clickie small enough might be the real trick!! Dan.

Looks like it was offered but not anymore. Seems like a clicky woukd make this an excellent replacement for 2AAA penlight but maybe I am alone in thinking this.

Nope Speed, you aren’t alone. I think it needs to be done!! The problem I see is that the thickest part of the barrell is over the knurling and thats only .054”. The OD is onl .676”… so finding a switch will be fun. If popular opinion would allow just a little larger endcap it won’t be hard. I’d like to see the clcikie EagleTac made… my guess is they made the endcap larger. I have just never seen this light in a clickie.

But, rather than mod one I would just build the thing!! It would be easier in the long run. I might build one up after I finish a couple I’m working on. Dan

I don’t know what it would take to build one but I wonder if some 2AAA penlights are big and thick enough to work. I know my Terralux penlight had a large tail cap that seemed larger than needed for AAA.

If the endcap could be .25” larger diameter over all… .125” on each side of the light, then a decent clickie switch could be used. I’m sure there are smaller ones available….but I don’t know about the quality of them. This is the smallest I have shown below and I’m not crazy about the quality on it. I like the genuine McClickie when I can fit it in… this one is .630 at the widest point on the black portion. I build a magnetic switch that might work. I have built those down to .50” in diameter and I might get it down some from there but to have any meat left, it would still require a slightly larger end cap. … It’s doable if you want to bad enough!! :slight_smile:

EDIT:… You know, if a mod is a must we should get Old Lumens into this thread… If it can happen… he can do it!! Just a thought!!

If I understand you .. You want that smooth cylindical look from head to toe and not the quark 2AA look where the head and the tail are a bit bigger ..like the D25A2 clicky is doing


It looks almost like the quark

You notice in krieslers post that lighthound sells seperately the clicky body tube

I like the straight.mini version better too

With the really cool pocket clip.

ET D25xxx “Mini” are twisties
ET D25xxx “RC” are clickies

What is not available is an optional clicky body for the D25A2 twisty head - as the diameter is different.

It can be quite confusing as there are over 50 different D25XX models when you factor AA up to 18650, 1-2 cell, Minis vs RC clickies and all the LED choices available for them.

The ET PN20A2 is penlight using 2xAAA - and now uses XP-G2 LED

PN20A2 specs have not been updated yet - but XP-G2 R5 should be roughly 150 lumens on 2x*AAA*and is 2 mode.
D25A2 RC clicky XP-G2 R5 is 380 lumens, with 6+ modes on 2x*AA*


I have them both and the PN20A2 is pretty wimpy next to the D25A2. The P puts only 100 Lumens OTF and the D is 209 OTF… a noticeable difference. Here they are side by side. … My guess is I can make a D25A2 a good clickie if it can be acceptable in shape to the PN20A2. :wink: Or as I have said before…just build one might be easier. Dan.

Seems a thin 2 AA penlight is a no brainer. I’m surprised there aren’t many more choices. I would an extra inch longer if it meant an added clicky.

Length is not as important in an EDC as much as width.

The length would/could stay the same. The problem I see is finding a relaible clickie that will fit in that small tube diameter. Obviously, Eagle Tac has but on the open market I don’t know of one. It wouldn’t be a hard build or mod. I will build one as soon as I finish the two lights I have in progress. It may look more like the PN20A2 depending if I can find a switch. Dan

I must be really tired… Actually, the switch is available and its a simple mod… Look… This is a PN20A2 clickie standing on the tail of a D25A2. I just took my PN20A2 apart… and it’s just a matter of modding the clickie into the D25A2… it will fit without changing the OD.
It is plain as day it will fit. This way the switch is from EagleTac so it’s pretty good! Dan.

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