They are very expensive re-wraps of quality brand batteries (panasonic, sanyo, LG, samsung, sony). They add quality protection (like seiko protection chips) and re-wrap the battery with their name. If it’s a IMR / Li-nm battery (or does not say protected) then they do nothing more than re-wrap with their name.

Yes, they are good quality batteries. Though you can the same batteries (with quality seiko protection) from Evva or Keeppower. Same panasonic, sanyo, LG, samsung, sony batteries inside.

Now that I actually clicked your links :smiley: I can see it does list the eagletac as panasonic 3400. Probably panasonic ncr18650b. The eagletac is good if your light has trouble fitting protected batteries. I do blieve it may be the shortest button top protected panasonic 18650 available.

EagleTAC and Callie’s Kustoms are both very good. Very good batteries inside and very good protection. If you don’t care to search around to save a few dollars go for them.

Mtnelectronics has good prices link 18650s. He is member “RMM” and has a sales thread on BLF.

To answer the question that seems to have disappeared: :smiley:
Orbtronic is also very good. As they mention, they use Seiko protection. I see they say it has a 10A overload protection cutoff. Nice. That’s much higher then the usual cut off. Great if you have a hotrod light that needs high amps.
That Orbtronic 3500mAh would be a Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA inside, since I believe thats the only true 3500 cell available at the moment. Mtnelectronics has the NCR18650GA battery with seiko protection (7A cut off) for $10.15. link

Its listed as “Sanyo/Panasonic” because Panasonic brought Sanyo (and that battery uses sanyo color wrapper but a panasonic model number format).