eagletac's new monster...2700 lumens


new challenger for the olight, fenix, and thrunite big bois

It looks nice but even the higher lux version only does 76k lux. :(

Exactly how many blinky modes do you really need on one flashlight? And why do you have to use an eagletac battery pack? And how much will they charge us for the privilege of a load of blinkies and a cell fussy light (assuming you wish to keep the warranty)?

You can use your own 26650s, but the ET charger is not supported in this case.

Also lists them as Cree SST 90.

Not ground breaking….

Nothing ground-breaking, true.

If anyone still interested, i can give you cheap.


Sorry for brevity or plain poor engrish haha.

Define CHEAP :smiley: :evilgrin:

check your old PM's ;)

I think for the size and output it can very well be a great light. Does it
actually meet the manufacturers specs? Curious to find out…At this size
only the DIY’s can claim this output or near.