Eagtac vs Zebra

So eventually I’m going to find the time to post a number of my lights which are unused to hopefully pick up one (maybe two if Im real successful) good light which can be my go-to for home use, travel and camping (as right now I have a hard time limiting my packing on trips). Looking primarily as single AA options , despite how happy I am with the SC62 form factor.

Looking at comparing primarily the following lights
Eagtac D3A and/or D25A with the Nichia LED
Zebralight AA high CRI (probably sc53c but I have to compare specs a little more)

I do have a Eagtac D25C Ti which is a stellar little light, so I know the UI on both would be good for me. I do like Ti lights but may end up with the D25A to save money on a user. Does Eagtac pot their lights? How do they compare in durability and water resistance to the ZL? How does the ZL high CRI LED compare to the Nichia? ZL is spec’ing the XPL 4000k 93-94CRI so I would expect maybe a little better efficiency and a slightly floppier profile. I do strongly prefer a tail click so obviously the EagTac but I did find the side switch (and overall quality) highly usable on my current SC62… Any other thoughts?

The XP-L2 high CRI from Zebralight has a very yellow/green tint. The tint from a nichia 219c is substantially better and well worth the drop in efficiency. I am a big fan of both brands. For small compact lights, Zebralight is hard to beat. You can use Lee minus green filters to correct the poor tint but this will make your light less bright. The SC64c LE with Samsung LED has a very good tint like 219c, and the light is so small that I am sure it’s similar in size to Eagletacs 1 x aa lights.