Ebay Soda Can 3 x XHP 70.2

No, I didn’t die, can’t afford the funeral, ha! Say has anyone bought one of these:

Anyways, can’t get the link to work, so look for one, please

If anyone knows anything about this light, tell us about it. Sorry had to repost link, and it is a long one…


The listing has a number of photos of completely different flashlights.

Who knows what you'll receive.

Hmm, sorry, the link posted by rc above does work…but the ad I saw only had the one 3 x soda can light. Thanks rc for providing a working linK!

They won’t be real XHP70.2 for that price… it’l be those knock off ones you find in those chinese torches you see advertised everywhere

SkyRay made some reasonable coke cans for good price a few years back not sure if they are still going

Skyray King

Only 1 battery and max output 8 lumens. That’s credible for the price.