EBay- Ultrafire 1600 Lumens-12W-Zoomable-CREE-XM-L-XML-T6-LED-Flashlight-Torch-18650-AAA-Holster

I cruised around on recent posts and haven’t found anything on this light yet. Doesn’t look like a zoomy, but it is, with a larger head and reflector. Interesting…


It's a zoomy - compare extended vs collapsed views:

Nice looker - you going to buy it? :bigsmile:

It looks pretty interesting. I may go for in when I get paid in a couple days. Maybe worth my first review…:slight_smile:

Decent looker I agree.
1600 lumens from one bulb & one 1865 battery - seem highly unlikely to me.
I dislike the clip which I think would be a nuisance more often than not.
BTW the pouch offered here looks identical to one recently supplied to me at a slightly lower price.
The pouch is rather well made & alone is worth a few bucks.
It’s back to basics again - pay up & take your chances!

Not unlikely. Impossible. Who will be the first to write 2000lm?
I think C8 or similar is better. I certainly would not buy this.

IIRC, he sid it has bad artefacts in the beam and overheats. Read here

Also see this thread. It’s the same as the SIPIK SK96. Basically, unless you’re willing to rebuild it with some better heatsinking, I would avoid it.