EC06 Tear Down Review

Right - I was just trying to guess at sustained lumen comparisons, since I don’t have a loomentoob

Nice review Tom.
Thank you so much for sharing with us!
I think I’ll buy one in next future

EDIT 12/18/21: I buy one :person_facepalming:

Omg, mine is finally unstuck from Fontana Awesung and on its way!

I ordered from BG without waiting for the group buy code, on November 27, and soon I will find out if mine is a hot as Tom E's.

Net time, wait for Freeme to reply with the code.

Mine finally arrived today. I did a small white room ceiling bounce check comparison with my X45 that was significantly boosted to 25,000 lumens by Vinh54.

I used three fully charged 40T with professionally done solder blob top.

I made sure I was in Advanced UI by checking to see that double click from top of ramp yielded Turbo.

(Simple UI does not yield Turbo when double click from top of ramp)

I made sure that I was in Turbo from Off, by double clicking from Off, then double clicking again; or by two clicks and hold the second click. (2H)

Yes, the light definitely is much, much closer to 25,000 lumens than 16,000 lumens. Same with Molicel P42A 4200mAh 45A slightly raised tops. Yes, it gets hot in Turbo in a short amount of time. I am very much impressed with the turn on power per size per cost per quality ratio.

Pics of the box labels that show dates:


I hope mine is also from the first batch. I just ordered last night.

Hope it reaches the UK before the end of the year!

I have been so very intrigued by the turn on performance of this light, the inimitable Astrolux EC06. How intrigued have I been? Intrigued enough to keep this thread going.

Well, anyway, I decided to do a small white room ceiling bounce comparison of it with:

X45, boosted and measured by Vinh at 25,000 lumens. 4 x 70.2, 4 x unprotected max drain 18650.

MS06 vn, measured by Vinh at only 18,000 lumens. Manufacturer speced at 25,000 lumens. 6 x 70.2, 3 x Imalent branded protected 21700.

D18 vn, 18 x W2, measured by Vinh at 15,500 lumens, 3 x max drain unprotected 18650.

And the star of the show, the EC06, 6 x 50.2, 3 x unprotected 40T 21700 professionally solder blob top and also with 3 x Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A.

All tests were conducted with all contact points and surfaces assiduously cleaned and tightened, cells fully charged.

After more than a few years of doing small white room ceiling bounce checks with a few dozen high performance lights that were measured by Vinh and whose lumens were recorded by him, I have concluded that turn on lumens for my sample of the EC06 is halfway between what the manufacturer speced at 16,000 lumens at one end, and what [b]Tom E[/b] indicates for his early/first production sample, 24,000 lumens.

That would be very close to 20,000 turn-on lumens for my second(?) production run Astrolux EC06.

Not bad, actually very, very nice turn on power to size ratio, and very nice power to cost ratio, and very nice quality to cost ratio.

Excellent power/size/quality/cost ratio.

Thanks to everyone who made this screaming, nice quality, nice price, 6 x 50.2 flashlight possible, and thanks to all the reviewers and thanks to [b]Tom E[/b] for his tear down review and screaming lumens measurements.


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EC06 Tear Down Review EC06 Tear Down Review Tom E

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Hi Tom!

I’m copy-pasting my comment from another thread. I’m hoping you could help me, please.

Different colors will have different forward voltages. They may be brighter, dimmer, or not work. You could possibly adjust some resistor values to correct this.

Hi, i charge all batteries by the torch and not with normal charger.
The good news is the batteries all fully charged in 3 hours and 10 minutes.
The bad news is the voltage… 4,22V per cell
Batteries are Molicel P42A
I think is not good and i don’t know how is dangerous.
Any help or comment are appreciated.

Small problem. Battery life can be shortened but not really going to harm the cells. Voltage after an hour is probably going to settle to 4.20V. I prefer to externally charge my batteries on a charger I’ve measured before.

The first question is… I have calibrate the voltage (it’s not correct). In the next charge I will find correct value or not?
The problem is i haven’t 4 bay charger so i have to wait 6 hours for all the battery… it’s long time

Not sure of what you are asking. I measure voltage out of the charger then about an hour later if I remember. Most cells drop a little after being charged. After I’ve used a charger for awhile and know what that particular charger does I just pull them out and put them in. 4.22 volts isn’t good but it isn’t that bad. 6 hour what not bad it takes longer to get dark again.

Thank you, I am sorry for my English.
The question is… The full charge voltage for the batteries change with torch voltage calibration?

That’s going to depend on that particular built in charger.

Do the Vapcell T42 work being flat top? or they need a buttom soldered?

T42 can be had with a button top Vapcell T42 specs

Thank you, but I want to know if the flat top ones work on the EC06 as I have access locally to these ones. I know The Molicel P42 work, it is longer than the Samsungs, and I am hoping the same happens for for the flat top Vapcell.

I don’t have the cell in question. Someone else may chime in about a raised flat top.

Just prance over to the vape shop and have a bird’s eye view. I think if Vapcell makes a button version is because they may not have that slight rise.

Sure miss Tom’s tear downs. Hope he is just busy lately.

Anyone know how upgrade the firmware?