EC06 Tear Down Review

Hi, i charge all batteries by the torch and not with normal charger.
The good news is the batteries all fully charged in 3 hours and 10 minutes.
The bad news is the voltage… 4,22V per cell
Batteries are Molicel P42A
I think is not good and i don’t know how is dangerous.
Any help or comment are appreciated.

Small problem. Battery life can be shortened but not really going to harm the cells. Voltage after an hour is probably going to settle to 4.20V. I prefer to externally charge my batteries on a charger I’ve measured before.

The first question is… I have calibrate the voltage (it’s not correct). In the next charge I will find correct value or not?
The problem is i haven’t 4 bay charger so i have to wait 6 hours for all the battery… it’s long time

Not sure of what you are asking. I measure voltage out of the charger then about an hour later if I remember. Most cells drop a little after being charged. After I’ve used a charger for awhile and know what that particular charger does I just pull them out and put them in. 4.22 volts isn’t good but it isn’t that bad. 6 hour what not bad it takes longer to get dark again.

Thank you, I am sorry for my English.
The question is… The full charge voltage for the batteries change with torch voltage calibration?

That’s going to depend on that particular built in charger.

Do the Vapcell T42 work being flat top? or they need a buttom soldered?

T42 can be had with a button top Vapcell T42 specs

Thank you, but I want to know if the flat top ones work on the EC06 as I have access locally to these ones. I know The Molicel P42 work, it is longer than the Samsungs, and I am hoping the same happens for for the flat top Vapcell.

I don’t have the cell in question. Someone else may chime in about a raised flat top.

Just prance over to the vape shop and have a bird’s eye view. I think if Vapcell makes a button version is because they may not have that slight rise.

Sure miss Tom’s tear downs. Hope he is just busy lately.

Anyone know how upgrade the firmware?