Any experience with ?

What do you think about the prices and the shipping?

Can't say. There is nothing that would appeal to a user of this flashlight oriented forum. There are exactly 2 flashlights. Both of them probably unintersting to users in this forum.

Try here. (don't, trust me)

Budgeteer, you naughty boy! :)

LOL!!! Thanks for making me spit my water out! Yell

budgeteer, i can not quite follow you ,can you make it more clearer?

They have pig lights in more colors than any other place. But otherwise mostly showerhead and hand crank lights. I like a cheap flashlight, but I have my limits.

Man, they have 5 colors piggy keychain light, awesome :bigsmile:

No, seriously, they have some "cree" lights.

Oh it's really simple. :) Advertising a few very budget flashlights on a forum (CPF in that case) that has a "nazi" policy on budget flashlights is really not reccomended.

It's like trying to walk in Saudi Arabia with a banner that say Allah is a lesbian porn movie director. Expect to get stabbed by a first bystander carrying a knife.

I wonder how many corporate filtering proxies choked on the words "nazi" "lesbian porn" and "knife". :-D

LOL! I'm afraid i could have done a better job explaining that without using such words but those are actually very usable words. If those don't get used in a bad way there is probably nothing wrong. The sad truth is porbably that the word porn got the most "attention". Porn is bad, war is a normal thing and uncensored... One really comes to think why a pair of boobs get many people very upset but a picture from the holocaust leaves people indifferent...


It's like trying to walk in Saudi Arabia with a banner that says Allah is a lesbian porn movie director.


LOL! That's the funniest analogy I've read in awhile .

Thankfully, no mouthful of coffee to spit out this time.

I'm not very good with analogies. Even the word alone feels a bit wrong if you look at it with some "creativity" an put it into context. :P

I succeeded perfectly into hijacking a innocent (LOL! the subtleties are still coming strong!) thread.

This thread reached a certain degree of preversion already. It apologize for any inconvenience but eventually proud to have made someone laugh. It's healthy!