EDC AA/14500 light

Since my EDC sipik sk68 died, I’m looking for a new compact EDC that can run on a single 14500 as well as an AA.
Any suggestions? What is the best place to buy the sk68?

DX is sending me one but it is taking its sweet time.

Why not rebuild the one you have?

FWIW I carry a Tank009 tk566 when I want an AA size light on me. I used to carry a ShiningBeam Spark with the AA tube until my youngest kid commandeered it. The Spark is a much better light but the Tank009 is good enough for my usages.

Both are bright enough for my needs when running an Eneloop in them.

Xeno E03 comes to mind. Very nice build quality and different emitters are available.
A good step up from a sipik.

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SolarStorm SC01 (with XML2)

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+1 on sc01!

Do you have a budget or any features you want?

If you just want an sk68, then they are as cheap as anything. So just buy a couple from different places, then you can use the one that you think is the best.

Then you also have the option of 16340 as well.
In my opinion one of the best looking, well built, compact…………… and able to throw a lazy 570 lms didn’t hurt its chances of becoming my favorite EDC for a long time I’m guessing.

Having a few of these around is never a bad thing:


cant hurt.

+1 Its an old favorite around here, all too often forgotten these days but still a great little light.

The SC01 is a good little light, especially with the side switch that lets you access low (short click) or lower (hold down button until light comes on). My only two complaints with it is the visible PWM and the shiny finish on the light, but still a good buy for the price. I have one I keep in the car and it’s been quite useful.
Another one I want to try would be the Xtar WK41, much more expensive than the sk68 but depends on what you’re looking for.

Sunwayman C15A or Olight S15


A step sideways. Not up because it appears not to zoom. Build quality is a poor substitute for function, for most of us.

What broke on your SK68?

Sometimes it will unscrew, try spinning the bezel clockwise to re-tighten the pill back down

I agree with the others on the Solarstorm SC01.
If you don’t mind the PWN on the lower modes, its a great little light on both a AA or 14500 for the price, ( one of my favorite EDC lights along side the more expensive Olight S15. I have a couple of them, and my current EDC in my jacket pocket is a SC01 with a Nichia 219B mod, and the other is on my desk with a XM-L2 4C emitter.

My sk68 is shining really really dim (much less than moon mode).

I don’t really have a budget as I want it to be my go to light.
I found out that bigger lights like the 18650 are hardly every put to use because of their size.

Preferably the light should have some modes ranging from very low to turbo with memory.
Neutral tint.

I was wondering as well if their are lights that turn on with a clicky but where you can choose the mode by turning.
So that you can change mode even when the light is off.

I might buy another sk68 as well on top of a new light :).

Thx for all your respons so far!

Zebralight SC52 L2 is the way to go if you don't mind spending around $60. I have the original and just recently purchased the newer L2 version. I couldn't be happier...

zebralight sc52 l2 total package
sunwayman v11R magnetic ring
sunwayman c15a/jetbeam rrt01 interface

seem most interesting lights so far.

Anyone who ones multiple of them and how they compare?

I think I might buy myself a sunwayman V11R with AA extender, although i could still go for the zebralight sc52.

Any idea where I can buy the most recent neutral white version?
Normally I would buy from fasttech but theirs doesn’t mention being neutral.