EDC AA or AAA pocket budget flashlight

Can anyone recommend an EDC AA or AAA, pocket, high output, minimum100LM or higher, quality flashlight in the $7-$15 range?
It would be for every day indoor and outdoor use.
Thanks very much.

In another thread this…….and a LOT less than $10-$15. Or variations thereto. :open_mouth:

After all this is BUDGET Light Forum. And this is about as budget as it gets.

Besides it’s fun to mod and wow yer ignorunt neighbors. :))

Btw it’s the $2.16 Model E522 light or the ‘3500 lumen’ selection.
NOT the $.99 ‘Police Special’ or the ‘120 lumen’ selection. A bunch of eBay vendors show pics of the E522 erroneously with the $.99 price (or a bit more) showing first.

Also AFAIK these E522’s only actually come in a single mode configuration. Vendors will often show ‘3’ modes in their top page pic descriptions butt that’s typically BS. The real specs further down the page usually get it right though.


Astrolux A01 Nichia 219B 102LM AAA Mini Waterproof Keychain EDC LED Flashlight. Banggood has them on sale for $7.88

I would have at lease one of those, if the clip was facing the proper direction for hat brim use.

Search for AAA AA and you’ll find a thread collecting all the little lights here.


Probably need coupons to get into your price range, but the SP10, TK05, other nice AA lights, are about in that range. Just might have to wait for a coupon or big sale (11.11, etc.). Also, the SF11, SF14.

I’m not a fan of the TG06S (always starts on high), but there’s a flash sale on Amazon right about now. 12 and change or something.

Oh yeah, the AAA Tool is quite nice, and I’m not even a fan of AAA lights. Nice and solid, unlike a lot of “flimsy” AAA lights.

Guys…I have a Utorch UT01 that I’ve been happy with. OP…it can do around 800 lumens on High…with very usable levels in between…can be had for under $20.

Are the more recent models still having issues? I think I read something somewhere.

Ultratac A1 is a few dollars out of your wheelhouse but it’s a mighty fine light with a great beam, tint, and 600 lumen output on a Li-Ion 14500.

Nice and even cheaper is the Nitefox AA light. Has strobe in the mode order but great otherwise if you can tolerate it. The smooth one is NW and the knurled one is CW. Nice beams on both for $14

Sofirn new SF13. 2AA and it’s 420 lumen. Actually reaches out pretty good. Less than $11.

utorch ut01 - but my switch broke after a year
utorch sf01 - can be had for $5 with coupon, aa, aaa or 16340 batteries, 2 light levels
lumintop tool or tool AA
thorfire tk05


The clip just slides off such being that it’s a “C” style. The round tube/barrel of this tiny light has two machined-in flat sides. This great design/feature allows the clip to firmly/securely attach to the barrel which then allows you to reverse its direction for hat brim use as well. The barrel has just enough ‘roughness’ to let the clip grip and hold. Butt you can also adjust it firmly up or down the barrel length accordingly. That ‘roughness’ btw is actually very fine knurling.

This little flash is a GREAT bargain. IMO every modder should at minimum have these to practice on to help get used to working on miniature scale stuff. They also make great gifts that the gals really appreciate for their usually crowded/heavy purses.

Don’t let anyone dissuade you from owning some of these just because they aren’t this and that name brand or don’t have a loftier price. :}

At this ridiculous price get some and then get some more before potential tariff impacts can change this faboo deal. 8^)

PS. Ya wanna use it on yer hat brim, right? Well a zoomie is best for that simply becuz of its inherent flood capabilities. Flood mode on a hat tends to be the most practically useful and this little runt has enuff of it.

PSS. Here are better eBay pics of the SkyWolfEye Model E522 which shows the flat sides on the barrel allowing the clip to reverse for hat brims. Scroll all the way down the page to see those pics. This is the one ya wanna get. Shop around. They’re all over eBay. Ignore the 3500 lumen claims on all offerings. :))


PSSS. Avoid the .99 cent-priced bait and switch lure-ins. Those are the major league POS ‘Police Specials’ which are only good for giving to sumone ya really don’t like. :))

Some, not all, of the “Police” cheapies are useful because their battery tube head-end threads match the SK68 tail threads, allowing builing a 3xAA “SK68” frankenlight.

I don’t know about these particular ones.

Yup. Back in the day I have used that exact set up you describe for extending SK68’s. IDK about these either butt at about $1.00 each I guess worth a shot.

Sofirn SP10.

Small, nice. Metal switch. Low price. AA or 14 500 cells. Three colors to choose from. Current price slightly over $ 10. Sofirn is a good brand. Ideal torch in your pocket.


Thanks very much to everyone who responded to my post from 1/9/2019. It was VERY helpful.

And in case I didn’t post this already, here’s the compilation thread for AAA/AA lights under $10:


AAA - Jetbeam Jetμ

AA - Jetbeam 1MK

AA - Sofirn SP 10 V2.0

Take a look at this. I have gifted probably 50 without any problems surfacing.

This is my keyring light.

I carried a SP10 V2 with a niMh in it on a recent European vacation and I liked it a lot. Small and more than bright enough. I usually take a Convoy S2+ on vacations but the SP10 is noticeably easier and more convenient to carry. The fact that it doesn’t need a li-ion battery is another big benefit.