[EDC] Is there a 4Sevens Quark AA XML "Budget Equivalent?"

So, I was over at the CPF forum lurking while BLF was down. And I have all my flashlight bases covered except for a Nice, Bright, EDC.

I saw a Thread over at CPF where people were getting the 4Sevens Quark 2xAA XML light, and putting the 1xAA body on it. They say it works well, and they were getting 1 hour runtimes on high with 14700 or 1xAA; and (according to that thread) was alot of CPF members favorite EDC. But would be costing over $100.00 to buy both lights just to Leggo them.



So it got me wondering..

Is there a budget equivalent to this setup? Im looking for a Small 1xAA (hopefully XML) EDC light. Now, maybe im all wrong here, and maybe it doesnt even matter if its a XML or a XPG when youre using 1xAA..

And Finally, If there is no equivalent.. What is a very small, very well build and VERY bright EDC?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I love my neutral XML Balder SE-1 .

Personally I haven’t seen anything smaller or brighter than the olight i1 but it is a 16340 or cr123 battery , if u get one chichi out going gear on eBay , I bought 2 from them and if u give best offer of 23 they will take it I believe;)

Find a "E03" Xeno tiger ~ 30 shipped wit 3 level,with your choice of XML, 14500 support(really bright).

Don't take my word for it. Just find some threads both here and on CPF about these lights.

Now what else can we help you with?

Thanks for your help. I apologize if I seem like the "needy noob" with all my questions. There are just so many stinkin budget lights out there to look at so many reviews, its very difficult to know which is the best. I try to read as much as possible and not have to ask so many questions, hah, my wife is always hollering "you and these $#&^%ing flashlights!?" In fact, I'm typing this on my phone while she lays next to me snoring in bed.

I have seeen the balder mentioned so many times but had no clue it was 1xaa. And after reading more about it, its pretty much been dubbed the "quark killer" at half the cust. That E03 looks reaally nice too.. I'm gonna have some new packages coming to my house. I love getting my packages, but its bittersweet:

"Did you order another #$%^&*ing flashlight from China?"

uhhh.. no babe, I ordered that a month ago, they just like to split the orders up...its how they do it in China..

Never!! Ask away. That’s what the forum is for.

I’m actually thinking about this one too. But Seems a bit bulky to me. So if you find a good place to order, reply here and I just might try it out.

Haha… same here. Either w, don’t get in too much trouble with that yappy one!!

Peace out!

PS. Check this out for the clip option if you should need one. Only for bazel up carry option.

why delete the post? just curious.

Well.... =)


why delete? because it was critical against 4Sevens products. and they deserve more support from us because they are inspired by cpf feedback and have grown from it. if we are still unhappy with the quality of their products what does it then say about ourselves?

Wow, I dont see anything wrong with telling it like it is. 4sevens Quark (from what I read) is a good light, and not much else is able to compete with everything it offers.. But I just cant spend $70.00 on a flashlight. Im not complaining about their price, I just think its too much for my budget. (my wife would kill me) You may pay too much for what you get, but nobody else is putting something out that gives you everything that the Quark does. So in my opinion, they are justified in their price. Im probably going to get a Balder SE-1 XML first..

Then If i dont like it I will sell it then buy the Xeno. I REALLY like the XenoCube XML's but they are $100.00 right now. DOnt see me getting one of those.

Now, the only thing left is to find a Dealer of the Balder SE-1 XML in the United States, EDCPlus doesnt stock the XML (as far as i can tell from his website) And I will not buy anything from outside the US ever again.. So my hunt continues.

Thanks again for all the good info and Kreisler, although that was MUCH less than 48 hours, but thanks for your info - You know your stuff.

There's this one , but it's not neutral .

It's a rebranded Balder SE-1 .

major difference between lighthound and original Balder?

nice find!!

Lighthound re-brands these for quite a while now.

Been using the Quark X AA Tactical for 3 months now on a nearly daily basis. While quality does not appear too great, its still of good quality and its versatility is awesome. So is the runtimes and ultralow mode!

Quark X AA Tactical or Quark X AA² Tactical??

yep, versatility is awesome (for the AA, not AA²).

I use the X AA2 but mostly for home use. I've purchased a turbo flat tailcap just for easy tailstanding.

I am not considering buying an AA body, instead just buy a sk68 or citypower g7 for AA use :)

Even though it is 2xAA, it is hella slim/lightweight.

EDIT: I do agree that an AA X Quark would be the IDEAL EDC considering the features set, but I do not have 14500 to run it and would hate losing the turbo mode and extended runtimes.

yes with 1x eneloop (1x AA body) one loses the Max mode. runtimes with 1x14500 are decent, have you ever measured runtimes or run down the 2x Eneloops? i got the turbo flat tailcap too .. but since the tailcap makes pressing the clicky difficult, i prefer the tactical tailcap (it can tailstand too, see my review).

the Quark bodies are not of supreme quality (to say the least) like SWM or Klarus (or Jetbeam), yet great to have.

BUDGET EQUIVALENTS are all Shiningbeam branded torches:

Shiningbeam Spark

Shiningbeam I-Mini

Shiningbeam Caveman

Didnot do a test for runtimes but I burned (emptied) 2 pairs of eneloops that were somewhat used by either my camera or the flashlight. One ran for 40 minutes and the other about 55 minutes but both were not fully charged.

I fail to see how my tactical tailcap will tailstand :D But I will check out your thread. I love the turbo tailcap for tailstanding abilities. Awesome.

The Shining beam is not a perfect replacement but can do as it does not have an ultra low mode. That mode is superb!

My quark aa does not exhibit any green tint at all. The only reason I splurged on this light was because of the 10 day runtime on moonlight as it doesn't seem like any of the budget lights have this feature. Oh and the 10 year warranty as well. I too was thinking of ordering the xml aa2 version for the xml head, maybe when funds become more plentiful.

which LED you got?

i was talking of the XML. the XML quarks are all (very) greenish (if you are honest to yourself and arent color blind and have enough other greenish and purplish lights for comparison. the quark XML will be the most greenish of all)

with Quark XML, there is not much of a tint lottery. The current regulation (i.e. no PWM) enhances the greenish effect on the 4 lower modes. On Max mode even the center hotspot is greenish, which is not the case with hard-driven XP-G R5's.