EDC knife for UK

I’m looking for a budget knife (up to £15), to edc. I really like some of the SRM and Enlan knives and they look to get great reviews for the money (SRM 738 and Enlan EL-02, for example), but don’t know if these are suitable as most I’ve looked at seem to have some kind of locking mechanism?

Could anyone clarify exactly what is legal to edc (the only details I can reliably find are less than 3” blade and non-locking but I have heard comment regarding the thumb buttons on the blade), and suggest any suitable knives of a similar quality?


…actually, just had another look at the EL-02 and realised it’s too big anyway. Still like it though…

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Under 3 inch blade and non-locking is the official guideline, but Police Officers can use their discretion if something appears to them to be an ‘offensive weapon’. For general EDC carry (if you aren’t a tradesman or going fishing or something with a specific need for such a knife) I would recommend only Victorinox/Wenger or other easily recognisable pocket knives which look familiar and unthreatening. Otherwise, however legal the knife technically is it could well get confiscated by Police at their discretion if you aren’t willing to take it to court yourself.

Thanks for your subtle link Hendo but it appears to be a catalogue rather than the advice I was seeking.

Hi RedForest; I appreciate what you say and it is a concern, but I’ve read comments elsewhere and the suggestion is that if you’re polite and reasonable, there shouldn’t be many problems. It should help that I’m way past being a youngster and we don’t see many officers is this neck of rural Lancashire. I do have a couple of multitools that travel with me but there are times when their bulk is more of a hindrance than a help.

Have to say I’m not particularly a fan of the Victorinox/Wenger style knives - probably reminds me too much of the really bad penknives I had as a kid! :wink:

I would advise you search for some feedback on that webstore before giving him any of your money.

I don’t think I’ll be following that link again unless someone can give me good reason to do so. :wink:

Getting back on topic, at £15 budget you may wish to look at the joker range of knives - http://www.knifebargains.co.uk/acatalog/Joker_Knives.html

RedforestUK - I understand you concerns about carrying a UK EDC, but whatever a policeman says, the law in black and white. If you are going to carry anything sharp it’s best to read up on the law and what to say ( and not to say) if stopped and asked questions by a policeman.

You could have a SAK in you pocket, but say the wrong thing and you would be in trouble.

Take care

Hi Essexman,

Thanks for the link; quite like the look of those and they seem a reasonable price. Really surprised that the choice of legal carries appears to be so small and that the store doesn’t have a dedicated page for them (unless I’ve missed it).

I think this is what you are looking for?


Yeah, done that, was expecting more results :slight_smile:

Try here for more UK EDC knives, - http://www.heinnie.com/Knives/-UK-Legal-Carry-Knives/c-1-92-641/

HH is the best online UK webstore for all things sharp. Not the cheapest, but fantastic customer service.

Your wallet may hate me for showing you Heinnies :bigsmile: Enjoy

I agree about Heinnie Haynes.

However at lower cost the only decent Sanrenmu that is UK legal (i.e. less than three inches and non-locking) is the H02 range. See this review.

Exduct stocks the three versions which only differ in scales and spring colour.

Was looking through that list earlier…why am I always drawn to the expensive ones??!! :bigsmile:

Are there any of the SRM, Enlan or Ganzo knives that are suitable for EDC; everything I look at seems to have some sort of locking mechanism but the prices are right where I want to be and the quality seems to belie their price?

As if by magic… :smiley:

Mmm…that does limit the scope somewhat and to be honest, I’m not so keen on the H02 range. Just looks a bit too ‘showy’.

Have you seen the SRM H03 ??

Not sold on the whole Spyderco thing, to be honest…I know, I know, just too damn fussy! :wink:

I know what you mean about the look of victorinoxs. Unfortunately that’s what makes them low profile… I like the alox ones best, they are really solid with aluminium grips and thicker blades but still easily recognisable as simple pocket knives.

If you can find the old version ‘soldier’/’pioneer’ or the ‘farmer’ at a decent price (under £15) that would be my first choice.

Seems there are a few people interested in non-locking SRM knifes but the best suggestion I’ve seen is to replace the scales on the H02. Could be a nice little project for not a lot of money.

Still looking…

I used to EDC various knife tool things (various Victorinox types), however I fly a lot and kept on getting them confiscated, it’s a bit late in a security queue at Heathrow realising your keyring has a knife on it……

I used to remember to take them off the keyring most times, however after I’d lost 5 I gave up carrying them… :smiley: